Saturday, October 4, 2008

I stopped breastfeeding

Some weeks back, just when the china milk contamination news was all over the news, i somehow stopped breastfeeding. It was mostly because my skin was dry and it hurt + bled when i expressed milk, and partially because of a dwindling milk supply, that i eventually stopped.

I enjoy the ease at preparing formula milk, although initially it was frustrating to see clumps of milk powder stuck at the bottom of the bottle. It's not easy to get the powder to dissolve! Moreover, there's so much bubbles, i have to read below the bubbles to read the milk volume. Even as Eliza drinks, more bubbles are formed! I wonder how come it doesn't happen so much with BM. Nowadays i prepare FM beforehand to minimize the bubbles when i shake & stir the milk powder. I read of one mum in the forum who prepares a portion beforehand and puts the milk in the fridge, and add hot water when it's time for milk feed. ok..i'm going to do that...for tmr's milk.

Now i understand what they mean when they say that milk powder finishes very fast! IT DOES! A 700g tin gets emptied in less than a week! Eliza's drinking an average of 700ml a day. which is an average of 180ml, every milk feed. There's always one feed that she'll drink less. Which makes me wonder whether i should increase the amount and cut the frequency to 3 times a day.
That's the thing with milk's quite fuzzy on when to start cutting down one feed, in particular in the day time. I can't remember how we did it previously anyway. It just happens, i think?

Days of Eliza

We finally plunged into the pool with Eliza today!! yays! i'm so happy. and i'm also really glad Eliza enjoyed it, (i wonder if that was why she missed her morning nap...too excited to sleep?)
A lot of daddy photos, cos mummy's the one behind the camera, again, and it was a lil hard to bring the camera into the pool.

see me fly!!
overall it was a great experience, though the packing was confusing with more things to bring. bathing wasn't too easy too, i made the mistake of bathing her before i she was clean & dry while i still had to change. I found it too inconvenient to bring her out then come back in, so i sat her on a towel while i changed..while trying to keep her within the towel perimeter and not touch the drain, partition parts etc...
Eliza loves the water, she'll splash the water and squeal with delight, she'll watch the other kids play in the pool, she'll sit in the shallow part of the water and try to crawl out...i will bring her there again! :)

Eliza finding that hiding behind the glass is a fun peek-a-boo game too :P

Daddy hug her with the bear..

Eliza waves daddy away....don't tickle me!!

Do they look alike?

My little tomboy...i dressed her up in t-shirt and shorts and found her looking so much like a boy that i didn't bother if someone asked if she's a boy or not.

Eliza knows how to tilt her bottle to drink water...and milk too.

Giving her president wave...

Mummy...gimme your handphone!! I WANT IT!!!

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