Sunday, October 26, 2008

Attachment Parenting

I remembered something i wanted to blog about but keep forgetting, but after reading Babylicious's post, i remembered.

October is AP month.

Anyway, it was until after i gave birth, grappled with baby issues that i started reading all the books on parenting. I read Babywise first. I thought it was middle ground between AP & the other end which i dunno what to call it.
Then i read Gind Ford. That got me started on routine. And some CIO method which i felt wasn't it for us.
Then i read Sears: The Sleep Book, The Good Behavior Book, The High-Need Child Book, The Successful Child. which was very pro-AP.
Then i read Baby Whisperer. Which was somewhere in between.
All had their useful advises which i took here and there, tried this and that, till we found out style of doing stuff together.

What kind of babycare i veer towards? Eventually the AP one...minus the demand feeding part. Also, I don't know how to 'wear' my baby. I couldn't figure out the sarong thingy, though i'll try with baby.no2...and ask someone to help me!

The other thing is co-sleeping. I loved it. but i worried whether it could pose a problem of moving Eliza out of our room in the future. I read about that in Sears book...though it seems like a long phase to move into.Anyway, I was talking to a mum in church one sunday and asked her about c0-sleeping with her children. She asked me if it was something i felt comfortable with and enjoy. And mentioned that in their own time, they will want to have their own room to be in. meanwhile, we just enjoy the fun & closeness of being able to be close to our children.
Come to think of it, i always slept with my mum even till my sis came was only when we moved house that i got my own room and loved it. I was 11 yrs old. Then my sis have always slept with my mum...till i moved out of my house..and now she took over my room.

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