Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quantity time

It's back to work after a long weekend. And ever since this month..october, i've been always so busy at work...leaving at 730pm every time. Today, after a meeting, which was interesting though, and that lasted from 5-715pm, scutted out of the office door by 730pm. I told myself that by hook or by crook i gotta leave by that time. If i gotta stay later, tell me 1 day ahead of time. I'm missing my baby.

I envy those mums who can stay at home and take care of their babies. Sure thing, i don't really think it's that boring anymore, especially when i see how exciting Eliza can be.

These are stuff that she has been up to this weekend:
- Putting hp or whatever to her ear, as if she's answering the phone. But when given the real phone with a real person on the other line, she'll be looking around to search for where the person is.
- She has been giving us things. Occasionally, even things we say 'no' to. Really, generous.
- She started giving the 'kiss' which sounds more like when you smack your lips together. If u do it, she'll follow suit and give you a sweet smile, as if being really accomplished, after that.
- She continues to 'ba' and 'bear'.
- She points where she wants us to go when we carry her. Once, Ww was in our room and i was in the kitchen, she pointed her way to the kitchen to find me.
- She understands 'no' and will obey it...well..if she really really wants it, obviously she won't. Or she'll pretend not to want it, move away a bit and attempt to have a go at it again.

I wish i can spend more quantity time with her. now with 4 out of 7 days that i'm not with her, sometimes i feel like she is more disposed to my mil. because my lil girl is kinda sticky kidna girl, i feel like she'll find people she'll stick to. Dont really want to 'lose out' to my mil, and it's not that my mil doesn't take good care of her but you know....as a mummy you still want to be your lil baby's no.1

No money to buy time :(

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