Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eliza's 1st birthday party!

Party preparations is finally in progress.
I know Eliza loves going out but having to book a place is a hassle that Ww won't be keen on at all. So we'll be having it at home, which Ww also asked, are we doing this every year? (no, not that big, i assured him).

Anyway, starting to find the caterer & cake. That's about it. Maybe buy balloons & do up the glass wall.

I've done the cards! (was doing BK&C's thank you dinner card before starting on Eliza's one...i wish i have a better printer and better paper to print on...anyone heard of digital offset printing??) Anyway, actually finding the photo was more difficult than doing the card. In the end i had 8 series of the same 1 card type cos i couldn't decide which photo to use.

The next step is who to invite and how many people will there be? There's a limit to how much our house can hold but all is welcome. I just hope i will order enough food to go around. :)

Someone was asking what to get for Eliza...honestly i haven't been thinking about it. Just hoping i can get good photos on that day and that Eliza will be friendly enough to enjoy all of it!

Just some of the things Eliza's up to...I feel too busy to post more things especially since Eliza's sleeping later and later (tsk tsk resisting sleep..this girl...).
I call her Eliza the Explorer...she got so excited taking things out of the snack cupboard...

I love this photo of her tickling (or torturing?) the panda bear.

We went for a short short trip with her cousins, and her cousins cousins to the zoo. It was PUB's family day and we had free tickets in. Wasn't too eventful as there were soooo many people, we had 6 adults and 5 kids + 1 baby in tow, and one of them wasn't feeling well (had diarrhoea). We were out at 830am and home by 2pm. we didn't even go to the kids zoo section!! :( Next time Eliza's slightly older, i would love to bring her there to find the animals! she is as evidence that she was there...she fell asleep about 12pm and slept all the way home.

Guess what is Eliza so delighted about?

Apple. She loves checking out the apple and finally biting through the skin to savour the sweet apple. then again, she's just being her, the excited & expressive lil gal.

I've been wanting to catch her in action doing this 'tang3 tang3' or 'lie down' action. And yes here she is! When we ask her to lie down, she will go into this lieing down position with her palms up, smiling away...and that lasts barely 10 seconds.

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Priscilla said...

Ahh, a new entry & with photos of Eliza! :)

She is sooo adorable!