Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy weekend

We've had a really busy saturday. Met my dad for lunch and then BKC's thank you dinner at Humble House, we didn't plan to bring Eliza along but she was great company for everyone and she surely did enjoy herself. :)

What Eliza was up to in the morning...

i have to keep her water bottle away from her sometimes because it becomes a water toy...she'll just leave water everywhere. here she is watering the cloth...

We had lunch at Sake Sushi with my dad & mei...and Eliza enjoyed the spread, on top of her porridge. She tried the chawanmushi, salmon, bean curd, soba, rice. No wonder she could sit with us throughout the meal.

After lunch she fell asleep at about 3pm and we went to catch a cup of coffee at Gloria Jeans and then went to walk around.
This is Ww doing an inpersonification of Eliza....which is quite similar yah?

Anyway Eliza slept till was a loooong loong nap. Nowadays she tends to take 1.5-2hr naps in the afternoons. so i love taking afternoon naps with her..quite fruitful, usually.
Some outdoor photos for a change...:)
Eliza pointing to something..i dunno what.

Eliza telling daddy i love being outside!!

At the esplanade roof's not easy trying to get an expression from Eliza when taking photos like this. we'll usually sing a song so that she'll start clapping and smile...else she'll give that expressionless look.


Saw this photo recently cos it was in Ww's iphone and we havent' been uploading it for quite a while. This was taken at my mum's place during dinner, we tried the baby yoghurt which was really too sour for Eliza's liking..this is what she expressed to us:

mummy why u give me such weird food???

Recent favourite activity: ransacking pockets, wallets, bags...of course my wallet isn't spared.

Interestingly, she finds the thrill in taking things out only...after her successful attempt, she'll just give it to us.

Eliza Updates:
On teething:
Her top 2 front teeth is growing!! finally! On the day we discovered that she was extra cranky during her lunch, refusing to eat at all after a few mouths. her mouth was really closed tight! I'm wondering if her lack of teeth affects her from articulating more sounds.

On eating & food:
On that week she started rejecting her porridge, the ease with feeding her for the past 3-4 months just went down drastically. we needed to keep her hands occupied to get her to eat, or else she'll be turning her head left and right or refusing to open her mouth. we tried to experiment with other food like meesua which was quite a hit cos it's different i think. mashed potato worked too but not so much. i bought baby pasta, but my mil tried cooking it and said it didn't get soft.
On the other hand, she loves our food. whatever we put into our mouth she'll definately have a go at it. So far i'm letting her stay away from sauces, oily/fried stuff, spicy stuff, food that has loads of seasoning on it, sweet stuff too like cream or chocolates or ice-cream or whatever's sweet.

On sleep:
I think sleep is always such a mystifying thing with babies. How to get them to sleep, how to get them to sleep longer, etc etc etc. I've tried to take all the 'success' stories i've read or heard with stride and believe that sleep patterns is 70% baby temperament 30% conditioning.
for a few days i was having difficulty getting Eliza to sleep, such that by the time she falls asleep it was 10pm and i was exasperated. i've all kinds of rationalization about why she's not sleeping & the like....too hyped up, milk before bedtime makes her extra awake, she can't bear to stop playing, she needs to burp.
There are four ways on getting her to sleep
1. Milk. success rate not too high because sometimes i need to get her to stay seated or upright enough to burp (else she'll cry in the middle of the night cos of gas). sometimes she just gets even more energetic after milk!
2. Roll in playpen until she's tired. This takes really really long...1 hour+? but sometimes it works
3. Carry her and rock her to sleep. this has the highest success rate of them all, although it'll backfire at times with her struggling to get out of my arms. actually it's the only way to get her to concentrate on going to sleep, when there's no toys or potential things to play that will distract her. I read that it's not good to rock your baby to sleep at this age...but i don't care already, i just need her to sleep.
4. Be outside. It's the only time i'm not particularly fussy about her going to sleep...and i know if she's sleepy enough, she'll sleep on her own.

On walking:
No signs yet...but she can stand on her own for a few seconds before she'll squat back down carefullly.

On being cute:
All the time!
Ww & I will wonder how smart God is to make babies grow up & develop in such a way....and to grow up so adorably!

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