Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another exciting weekend

It was such a busy weekend. Obviously Eliza enjoyed it thoroughly, since she get to gai-gai everyday. How can she not?

Now that i'm working 4 days a week, my so called alone daytime with her is on friday. So it seems like fridays are our day of the week. This friday, my in-laws went for a day cruise which got them out at 6am and home late at night; and Ww had school meetings till about 3pm, went training for the marathon and a teachers farewell dinner at night. So that left me & Eliza on our own. It was really cozy and nice being together like that. Now that Eliza's quite ok being left to her own devices and ransacking the house down, to a certain extent, it's easier to get things done with her, things like prepare & cook her porridge, washing & hanging clothes even..and sometimes me watching tv.

I was planning to make some changes in her nap and feeding times.

Changing naptimes
Eliza has been sleeping later and later from her usual 830pm to 9pm to 10pm. Despite sleeping later she's still waking up at 7am in the morning. One of the reasons i realized that stemmed from her sleeping late is because she's taking her afternoon nap later and thus waking up later (ie. 530 or 6pm). And knowing this playful lil girl, she can last being awake for 6hours from her last nap. When i come home from work, i usually ask my mil what time did she last wake up, as that'll give me a gauge on how early i start putting Eliza to sleep. Nowadays it has been taking me anything from 1hr to 2hrs to get her to sleep. A lot of factors come in, the most sian one is distraction on her way to la-la land, she'll return from la-la-land and take a long time to go there again. By then i'm drained.
She has been able to stay up till 11am or 12pm from the time she wakes up in the morning so this weekend i didn't make her try to sleep earlier. It's a little tricky because if she sleeps too early for her morning nap, she'll be sleepy at at dinner time which is not good. Saturday was a classic example. She was sleepy at 4pm, we arrived at church for meeting at 4pm, fed her milk, started meeting and had lots of ppl talking to her, she got really excited and stayed awake till she fell asleep at almost 7pm, woke at 745pm, sleepy, grouchy and hungry. She slept at 1115pm that night.
It's still a while till that 1 nap days but i feel the transition and we're adjusting.

Changing feeding times
I've been wanting to drop her mid-morning milk and introduce her breakfast. This weekend i managed to do it for at least 2 days so far. It was a lil tricky, hoping her naptimes doesn't interfere with her feeding times. There was a little mess of the schedule but still she was well fed. Essentially, if she is able to continue to wake up at 8am, then hav bfast after that, then comes lunch, then milk, dinner milk. Here's how everything went this weekend..

8am - 180ml milk
1030am - went out to TM to run errands
1115am - 150ml milk
12pm - nap
1pm - reached home...Eliza's still napping
2pm - finally woke up & had lunch
4pm - went to Bedok to SKP & library & some shopping
meanwhile....i forgot to bring milk! i wanted to feed her i sat down at BK, bought a ice-milo and asked for hot water; searched for the milk but realized i left it at home! argh! thot it's ok since she only had lunch 2hrs ago..but when she saw me drink my milo she also wanted it. so i let her try...not just feeling how cold it is, but tried to get her to drink from the straw. actually i've been wanting to get her to drink from the straw but all she does is bite or chew or pull it out. and this time she did it!! must have been quite an extraordinary taste for milo. once she tried it, she wanted more. got her to try it a few more times, and everytime she managed to sip it, i immediately took the straw out...sorry Eliza...not too much sweet stuff for now..)
Anyway the library trip was quite rushed cos i wanted to reach home by 6pm...and at Bedok library there was space like this which Eliza had so much fun playing she couldn't be bothered about me...

see her sneaky look....

at least these racks are better than the book shelves...cos she'll pull all the books down! oh my itchy hands little girl.
Still we had a good we walked out of the library to make our way home. Eliza gave me the super grin and claps, i can tell she had a great time. :)
6pm - reached home, dinner
8pm - bedtime
10pm - Eliza finally sleeps

Saturday was also a really busy day even though we only set out at mid-day. Went to Hayley's party which was really exciting, esp for Eliza...all the balloons and kids. Too bad it was Eliza's lunchtime and she was taking super long to eat (cos of the spinich), else i would have let her loose at the kids table. haha...
Group photo with november mums' babies

Ashlee & Eliza negotiating the Apple one for for me...

After that we had to go for a meeting at church which i wasn't too keen on bringing Eliza to. Eliza in a meeting?
Actually i was hoping she'll drink her milk and sleep along the way, but we were running late and Ww said there's hot water at church. Alas she was happily happy in the taxi, and when we got to church, everyone wanted to talk to her, and she was even happier in the library where we were having the meeting. She was talking to Jiejie wannabes Shuyi, Jane, Dianne. Seems like she's becoming more of a social gal eh? Last time she'll look suspiciously at most people. Still she's not keen on letting anyone carry her.
Anyway she happily crawled up and down, here and there till she got bored of the place. I brought her to the main santuary where we watched music prac going on, and she wanted to head towards the piano or whatever she can get her hands on...yes, the books on the pews as well. I think she was on overdrive liao...awake since 1230pm. tsktsk...eventually she knocked out at 645pm for a short nap. Guess what time she eventually went to bed? 1115pm.

Gosh so many late nights Eliza!!

Eliza overslept......till 9am.

I watched her sleep...and she looked so contented. How do you describe it? feeling all so nice and warm inside.

Anyway we wanted to go out for a good lunch, Eliza was still sleepy even on our way out.

After lunch and some walk around at Suntec & Marina Square we thought of dropping by the Marina Barrage to check it out...
dark clouds was looming in the distance so we hurried past whatever we could see...

Yeap...evidence we were there...check out Eliza's grinny face. she looked really cute here...seems like she's really happy sitting there.

and rain it did....we managed to get in the car before the large droplets started to pelt down...
Ww trying to get Eliza to wear her hat...actually she lets us wear it for her when there's sun, but once we're in the shade she'll take it out.

Gosh what a weekend!
It's Eliza's birthday celebration next weekend!!

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