Sunday, December 7, 2008

what we've been doing

Eliza is already 1 yr old! We have been having great outings and suddenly as if with a turn of an eye Eliza has grown up. she has become more cheeky, more mobile (not that she is walking yet but she doesn't fall down when she crawls now), more feisty, more dong3 shi4, more fun to play with (not that she isn't last time, but it's a different dimension of play now) and slightly more hair.

We have been having so many outings / gaigai that i really don't have time to update on stuff, especially when i'm cracking my brain on what to buy from US (in the end i juz bought some books from Amazon & BPA-free Avent bottle). Moreover, my nights have been busy with 101 other things, like talking with Ww, watching tv together, one late shopping trip, and surfshopping online. So i'm failing in my memory on the many thoughts that have come up over the course of time. I can only try to recall slowly with the pics i here goes...

29nov, saturday
Nov babies christmas/bday party. (pic from Ashlyn's mummy blog)
babies from the 2nd half of nov...realized most of the babies were born on mid-nov. hot dates!

Eliza playing with the toys...and sportingly wearing the hat. (i suspect she really doesn't know it's on her head)

After that we went for dinner at east coast beach...actually Ww wanted to do his run b4 e marathon...but by the time we reached there it was quite late so he only did a short run while Eliza had her dinner by the sunset.
It took real fast for the sun to set...even though the pic you see here looks quite bright.

Eliza was taking quite long to finish her this time i was trying to race with the sun...whatever light is left is good.

Still haven't finish dinner..tsk tsk and yah..i was still taking photos...the sunset was really beautiful.

[i'll write Eliza's birthday post in another post]
so fast forward to 1dec, monday
i took leave as Ww's colleague lent him his car for the week so we took the opportunity got out. We finally went to take Eliza to swim for the second time, this time at Tampines Swimming Complex, as the pools are bigger than Safra's and has the water slides for Ww's nephew who's staying over that day.
She wasn't too keen when she first got into the pool, particially cos it was really windy and the water was still quite cold.

and she eventually warmed up....

After that her cousin took over the airplane float and Eliza was just as content splashing the water.

After the swim, Eliza slept almost immediately in the car. It's always nice to have a nap after a good swim...if only i could. ha...
After that we went to ikea for lunch, queenstown to get shorts, and Eliza slept for 2hrs...all the way till when we were almost done walking Hort Park. Still she did wake up in time to admire the flowers in the greenhouse.

After dinner at Vivo...
Check out a live-sized cow!!

Actually it was an exhausting day. The next day when i went back to work, i was telling my colleague that it's more exhausting to be on leave than to be at work. Then again, it's more fun to spend time with Eliza.

More reflections next time...i have to sleep.

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