Saturday, December 20, 2008


YP mentioned i haven't been updating this blog...yeah...somehow i wonder with Eliza being older, i've been more busy with 101 other things (not unusual). the past weekend was quite busy cos we went to Ritz Carlton, and there was the YZ camp before that which was quite tiring, actually..but at least Eliza had quite a lot of fun swimming.'s more like what am i doing after Eliza goes to zz?i can't really remember, really.
one of the days i came home and slept as i put Eliza to zz cos i was so tired out by the previous night when Eliza kept me awake till frm 1-3am. on and off she was crying while i drifted in and out of sleep. i wanted to leave her to Ww but she wailed louder in Ww's arms. even milk didn't settle her. i can't remem what sent her to sleep eventually. (which made me regret watching that last episode of Survivor instead of sleeping...)

Anyway i've been wanting to update, but halfway thru, i'll get caught up with something and updating this blog becomes the bottom priority. ie. i just changed the heading pic & side bar stuff and then recently i got caught up editing some of her videos with the new imovie. finally i'll upload some less-boring videos (it's always when you wait in anticipation for her to do something and she doesn't do it till the video is off)

On another side note...we're planning for no.2, hopefully to come along next year...i wonder if we can try for another nov their birthdays can be together..hmm...
The other big question is whether i should con't or stop working after no.2. so far the conclusion is, if we don't get a maid, i'll stop working..and learn how to be the maid; and if we do, then i'll have to con't working. We'll see, we'll see. recently my compant laid off if i do get laid off? then i guess i'll get to be SAHM earlier? hah. Then again, i'll still need a job...boohoo..cos that extra will help a lot. So...whatever happens, we'll trust God, and know that He has planned and provided for whichever direction we end up with.

YZ Camp
for that 3 days, because we went home at 10plus, she slept at 11+pm for 3 days. i was worried she couldn't get back to schedule but thank God we were back on track the next day. it was a lil hard on me cos she was quite sticky to me and doesn't like and let anyone carry i end up telling everyone that they can play with her but don't attempt to carry her...else she becomes hostile. well..that's my fiesty girl for you.

Eliza trying out her hand at mahjong??

doing her 'arms up' action at the pool. i got quite crammed calves the next day cos i was squatting down most of the time...the pool was only 0.5m deep. it was really quite cold there cos there it was quite windy so we couldn't stay too long at the pool. there was a fun pool side with fountains but it was too shallow and Eliza was shivering, so we migrated back to this shallow pool instead.

Ritz Carlton weekend
We initially thought of not bringing Eliza for the 1st night and then letting her join us the 2nd night, eventually all of us stayed together for both nights cos it was just more fun with her around. And surely she enjoyed much so, it was hard to put her to sleep at night without a walk in the stroller to 'knock her out'.

A photo in the living room...

an other in the scenic bathroom

morning milk to kick start the day...

swimming in the thermal / jacuzzi pool. gosh i really appreciate a thermal pool (i think it's abt 40degrees), after we got in this pool, we couldn't get into the lap pool or plunge pool at all cos they were so much colder, even on a hot sunny morning! has 2 heights, actually the ledge Eliza is standing on is like a seating, and the pool is about 1m deep, so it was a perfect depth. no muscle aches after that :)

one last photo before we leave...daddy couldn't make it that morning cos he had food poisioning. we planned to attend New Creation church service and go for good lunch after that, oh well...anyway poor daddy was down for the next 2 days...we suspected it was something we ate for dinner at DianXiaoEr...then again, the rest of us wasn't affected.

actually we wanted to go pasir ris park but it started to pour on our way there, so we dropped by T3 airport instead.

this is one of the rides she can best sit on..then again, there's not much at that playground there she can play with.

she likes to do this...

This week she has been practicing her standing up...and she'll be so delighted at herself that she'll be squealing with laughter. This is what she showed me she could do when i came home from work.

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