Friday, December 26, 2008

Videos & today

Videos! Finally managed to upload some...
This was during our ritz carlton stay...'maximizing' the use of our room..playing with Eliza, that is.

Some of the amusing things Eliza gets up to to amuse us...

We had a peaceful Christmas this year, with a cell lunch after church service, and dinner at home with my mum & sis. Love the Christmas season..somehow things seem to slow down (ok despite the stressful buying gift for my mum...) Was reminded in the midst of Christmas gifting, that Jesus is the gift.

Today, we had time to slow down and be home doing the usual play and day stuff. Woke up at 9am and went to TM to do some groceries shopping. Had to start trying out different foods for Eliza as she was getting less keen on her porridge. I had so much trouble trying to get her to finish her porridge, she ate probably only about half of what she usually ate. Couldn't tell whether she's hungry or teething or sick. No cajoling or new toys or tv would make her eat more, she just stuck her tongue out when i try to feed her...after lots of ducking from the spoon. BUT when i started eating my own lunch she'll come after me for it. I guess it's time to change her menu...or at least start to eat together. hmm...somehow i got so used to making porridge for her i'm at a loss of what else to make. i tried mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs....then again, in comparison to what she usually eats, it seems much lesser.

Hm...what to cook tomorrow?

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