Thursday, January 1, 2009

looking back and looking forward

Looking back:
It was a very fulfilling 2008. Being a first time mum, trying out new things & adjusting to this new phase of life. God has been good. This is what i give thanks to Him for:-

~ my family. Thank God for Ww to share the joy of watching Eliza grow & helping in the babycare as much as he can. Even though in the initial months i was occasionally unhappy about him not doing enough, & also not being pro-active enough, we eventually figured out some things that he'll usually do (also on we'll shorten our 'getting out of the house' time). Thank God for my mil, whom i almost cannot do without. She cooked & took care of Eliza during my confinement, and continued to take really good care of Eliza now.
~ my work. Thank God that my boss was very understanding and allowed me to take a 3-day work week so i can spend more time with Eliza. And it was his initiative. I thoroughly enjoyed the time i had with Eliza when she was younger and yet be able to work some days.
~ our finances. Thank God that despite lesser income, we could still survive. Most of our house installments were in the last installments this year and that gave us some extra cash.
~ Eliza's health. her initial month of prolonged slight jaundice was diagnosed as something like UTI but all is ok after some antibiotics. she had a bout of flu & flu from her 6-9mths that was tiring for all of us but she recovered from that and has been in the pink of health since.

Looking forward, there are new challenges in this new year.
I look forward a new year seeing my lil Eliza grow and discover herself.
Then again , in the midst of the recession there's a high possibility of being retrenched in my company (they have retrenched 8 people so far..and more to come in January). We ask, can we do with one income if i do get retrenched? Or can i find a job? (not much good openings in my line though, unless i change line).
As we try for baby no.2 (and God plans/gives), we prepare ourselves for another mega change in our life.
Still, we'll be learning to let God open the doors, waiting for Him to provide and walking with Him.

"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9

Here's Eliza in her new year weekend...
(mostly taken blindly with my camera because i dropped it previously and the LCD screen blacked sad..still it doesn't stop me from taking photos..hiak hiak..i'm desperate. then again, i don't really know what photo i really took...just aim and hope it comes out ok)

This is her usual morning activity, after her morning milk in the room. She'll pull all the books out...I wonder why she always manages to get the book upside down.

She loves the flip-up parts...and also this animal page (maybe it has the most flip-ups that's why)

Ww & I were so sleepy after lunch so we lazed around in her playroom waiting for her to be sleepy so we can nap together. she doesn't look sleepy at all right?

Playing peek-a-boo using the curtains

BOO!!! (i laughed so hard when i saw this pic...she's soo animated! ha..)

The thomas the train toy...she loves to poke her finger into the chimney, especially her pointer and thumb. Then she'll cry for help for us to save her finger. It's more difficult to 'plug' her thumb out cos it's more meaty. Still, she keeps doing it.

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