Monday, January 5, 2009

Names of Eliza

Our little bubbly girl has many names....
Chubby chubs (by daddy)
ah sun1 (called by ah-ma & ah-gong)
E-lee-za (called by Huey & the nurses at the clinic)
Darling (call by mummy)
Sweetie pie (by mummy)

Now i wonder if she'll get confused....

Enjoyed this weekend so much :)
Eliza never fails to amuse us and make us laugh. I was telling Ww, so this is how one year olds are like...
bursting with energy, (it starts right after her morning milk...else normally she's grumpy b4 her morning milk...we ALL know's the first thing in the morning i do, as in make her milk, if we wake up together)
overflowing with laughter, (you know how it wonderful to make her laugh)
brimming with new actions to make you laugh and praise her, (the arms up action, playing toys in a different way action, making sounds that make her laugh..and so you laugh too)
oozing with sweetness (it's hard to get a kiss from her, even though she does it, her open-mouth kiss. Ww & I has a score on who manages to get the most kisses from far her Miffy rabbit & today, Stagasaurous, a stuffed dino who stops her from getting up our study table, wins hands down. she'll rather cha1tou2 & kiss them....she'll also by happy to hug them. so sweeeeet....)

More on our Tumble tots experience next photos...coz no photography allowed inside...geeezz.

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