Sunday, January 11, 2009

Of outings and new things

I have bits of pieces of stuff i have forgotten to write previously, typed here in no particular order..or rather..which i remember first.

On Christmas weekend...
Lots have bee happening lately and though Christmas was quite a quiet one where 3 of us hung around at home wondering where to head out to over the long weekend. (the thought of going to TM, again, terrified us...ok juz kidding..but we were just sick of that place). Ww's parents were in Hapchai so we were on our own. It's nice to have the place to ourselves once in a while, actually.

On Tumble Tots trial...
ah-ha...i was excited about this, especially since Eliza is at the age of more exploration. I guess Eliza wasn't as excited as i was till she saw the gym. was like we seeing heaven or something. she was out of my grip once i stepped in and let her go. It was just pure fun. (makes me think that i should bring her to Fidgets one day. As she was just learning to walk, she joined the class that was more for babies from 6mths to 12+mths and non-walking babies.
There was this sit together time where the babies had a welcome song, some warm ups and an action song...but Eliza was too distracted to join in. I was trying to get her to join in but with little success...and lots of energy used up. phews. She was going on from gym to gym equipments like an energizer rabbit. 15mins into the class i called ww to join us inside (cos it writes outside that only one parent to one child so Ww didn't join us initially). Anyway it was quite an exercise catching up with her.
The BIG ball was her fav. it was almost as huge as her but she was adamant on carrying it up and walking with it. actually she almost rolled with the ball. some of the obstacle courses weren't too interesting for Eliza and she would head off to other directions within the course. they have those squeaky sounding toys to lure the babies to the end point, but alas it didn't work for Eliza. (eventually we realized the ball was a good lure for her).
Maybe the babies there were quite young so they were quite docile, learning to roll around, and stay on their tummies, or exploring peacefully. No, not for Eliza, you just blink and she's gone off somewhere else...tumbling around. Occasionally she'll stop by a baby, take the baby's toy and give it back to the baby or give the baby a toy she's holding.
To some extent, this experience made us wonder whether Eliza will sit still in a class environment...maybe without all the gym obstacles? Well...Fidgets will be good...for our fidgety baby.
This is her after the trial, tired out...and thinking hard...maybe dreaming of the great time she had.

On walking
Yeap..this is the week Eliza has been practicing walking. She took her first few steps long back like a few weeks ago. But she's having more practice these days. One of the good practices was at T3 playground. I would let her sit down when i wasn't carrying her, so she was either holding on to the play equipments or my hand. Lifting things up (especially heavy things...i dunno why) is also good practice cos she'll want to move somewhere else with it. It's also quite useful when we're out...

On Pasir Ris Park outing
We finally made it to Pasir Ris park playground one saturday. And as usual, Eliza wasn't sleeping by 5pm and slept on our way there. Still she did wake up in time to play while the sky is still bright.
I wanted to let her try the swing, but it was quite a non-event for her actually. the swing was quite big for her so she had to lean forward and many kids + parents were eyeing the swing so we had to keep it short.

She wasn't too keen on sitting there on her own....
hey why did u leave me here??

come here and get me out of here!!

Yesterday at my mum's house banging the piano away...

Yesterday...trying to wear her socks...
how come i can't get my foot in??

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