Monday, January 12, 2009

Stuff Eliza does these days

~ She'll hold her arm and move it side to side. (those at Fish n Co to celebrate Jerm, Serene & QL's bday will know) She's quite please with this action because of the great response everyone gives her. Last sunday i discovered that it was a sign for "baby" when we were watching the "baby signing time" DVD. now i'm not sure whether when she does it, she meant baby

~ She'll touch her ears, she'll touch her head on cue. but still doesn't 'touch her nose' or 'close her eyes' on cue...i've been trying to teach her that. maybe it's not so fun to do those?

~ She knows to close her eyes when i tell her i'm going to wash her face

~ She'll know that her socks and shoes go to her foot, and even attempt to wear them.

~ She'll lift her legs for you to wear her pants/shorts/panties

~ She'll gleefully fall backwards from a sitting up position on the bed or sofa when changing diapers.

~ She still does her goodnight sign (which is putting her hand to her ear and cock her head to that side)

~ She doesn't wave byebye much...although she has done it before. She does the flying kiss occasionally

~ She'll shake her head sideways indicating no, especially when we offer her to finish her milk.

~ She can easily say 'mama', 'baba' and her fav word is...'mum mum'

~ She will happily kiss her stuffed toys, head touch them, hug them, sayang them, throw them or chew miffy's ears. But getting a kiss from her is like finding gold. She doesn't always do it to us. Though she does kiss daddy more than me...she hugs me more than daddy..ha... ok we balance out.

Eliza enjoying the packet of organic pear juice...i had to fight with her to finish it.

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