Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recovering frm Ectopic pregnancy and Eliza photos

I did this last monday. And it showed this:

made in christmas baby didn't make it. i had a ectopic pregnancy, which means that the fetus got stuck somewhere in the fallopian tube and ruptured. she was only less than 4weeks old.

Anyway, i think the bleeding inside caused me to faint (low BP) on tuesday, was sent to A&E and an emergency operation to clear the blood clots and stop the bleeding inside and to remove my right fallopian tube, that i guess was part of the rupture. I wasn't really half-dead there anyway, juz unable to stand at all cos of the low BP. was quite alive and letting them poke me here and there, draw blood (always!), answering lots of questions, and hoping there was some answer to my fainting (cos i really didn't know what on earth was happening to me), i didn't even realize that it could be much related to my pregnancy, though that was quite an important clue for their diagnosis. it was only closer to the op that the pain kinda started to come in if i breathed too hard, it felt as if my tummy could burst and the moving me here and there hurt.
After everything, i realized how serious it was, the surgen was explaining to us stuff and said that at one point my BP dropped suddenly such that they had to have blood transfusion to 'save' me.

Though many articles writes that this is fatal. In singapore, it's still quite least no one has died from it, as written in some journal, but it could be possible. This article gives a good overview of what it is.

So I'm now recuperating at home, and was given 32days of MC. They say that the external wound heals in about a month, but it takes up to 4mths to for the inside muscles to heal. And someone was telling me that i'll have to wait another year to try for a baby (that long??).
The biggest challenge of being at home is that i can't carry Eliza and do most day-to-day stuff like bathe her, carry her, change diapers (yet), and putting her to sleep (yet..because she moves around too much and i can't really catch up with her moving her abt). The most i could do is feed her and play with her. When she wants me to carry her i had to tell her mummy can't carry her up but i can hold her hand and we can walk together.
Can't sleep with her in the same room either cos she'll want to sleep with me halfway thru in the night and she is quite rough when she sleeps. So in a way i've moved to her play room to sleep, with Ww as well, cos now my mil sleeps in our bedroom with Eliza at night.

I'm getting better, and it gets easier to change positions now, ie from sitting to standing, from lying down to sitting up. The wound looks quite ok still, no splitting or any infections, even though yesterday i've been trying to control my laughing hard because of my hilarious hubby, Eliza's cute antics, and some lame show i watched last night. Sometimes i find it really hard to rest, because i feel ok. Took a walk to interchange today for breakfast and back, after that i was quite bished out, as if i've been drained out or something. Maybe this morning's activity was a bit too much.
Quite cool, a nurse frm SGH called to check how i was doing. Anyway, i was telling her i had a swelling that feels like a bruise at where the IV was since yesterday. Weird thing was there was no bruise, the bruise was at my wrist and that part didn't hurt. She advised to go see a GP in case of infection. So this one i'll wait till tmr and see how it is..seems like the swelling is going down.

Meanwhile, we're having a lot Eliza time at home...
Eliza enjoying making the bed with us.

Ok...more like continuing to mess the bed...

She also found much pleasure and fun putting on her hat.

This morning at Cartel...when is the food coming?? i'm hungry!

Feeding bread to daddy

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Anonymous said...

I hope you're recovering well. My mom had an ectopic pregnancy before she had me & she also had one of her tubes removed. Rest well ok?