Monday, January 19, 2009

How to rest at home?

Honestly, i'm quite bad at that.
I'll try to help around the house and watching 2 hours of sitcom in the day makes me guilty.
I can't go out of the house either cos i recently realized i can't walk a lot without feeling quite tired after that. I overestimated myself and walked to TM on sunday for breakfast and walked back again. That's about 20min walk there. And Ww was looking for his shower gel after bfast but most shops weren't open so we walked another 15mins around TM basement waiting for the shops to open to look for his shower gel. At one point i was already feeling quite tired out i complained i wanted to go home and didn't care whether he gets his shower gel or not.

I don't really know what to do...i have no inspiration on what to surf online. I don't really feel like reading anything. But i've been watching a lot of tv. :P

On and off i'll have tired spells, usually in the morning, maybe cos i get woken up so Ww's morning school alarm at 545am & 6am, this morning it was Eliza crying in the other room at 5+am. I end up taking another long nap in the late morning when Eliza is asleep.

Yesterday, i had to walk to the clinic to see my GP cos there was some swelling at my vein where the IV was. Thank God it was only some inflamation and i was given antibiotics & some cream for it. The swelling has subsided but my vein still feels like a rod in my flesh and feels bruised when i touch it. All my other blue-black (orr-cheh) has more or less started to fade arms look like i've been beaten up...or probably got bitten by a vampire.
Anyway...i was short of $4!!! and they don't have nets!! so i had to walk to the atm, draw money and walk back to the clinic. was a walk i didn't want to move. Couldn't believe how drained out after that when i got home. My GP said that i'll surely get tired cos i 'had a major operation, you know!'.
Sigh...sometimes i overestimate myself. How much do i need to rest? I would be quite a lazy bum if you put me in bintan (maybe?), so i can lounge at the seaside/pool/hotel room all day, read books, surf net, and sleep like a pig. Maybe that way i can rest. haa...:P

Eliza's a cutie pie, practicing her walking these days. carrying things up and messing the house up.

Today, i find it easier to get up & out of least i don't feel so much that i'm gonna tear myself up. I'm finding my agility back! So i managed to put Eliza to sleep for her two afternoon naps. Though, the 1st nap, i was so tired & sleepy that i was drifting in and out of sleep while she pottererd around in her playpen.

We juz changed our wok cos it seemed to be flaking at the we got a new one free! and while she can't really play with the wok, the box is hers. Big briefcase huh?

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