Friday, January 23, 2009

Staying home & walking

I went out yesterday with my mil & Eliza. Actually, it was Eliza who was the happiest..i think she's the one who's suffering from being stuck at home..not me. She was babbling & squealing away at NTUC, then at Popular i could hear her in delight cos my mil gave her a book.

What to do at home? Take photos of Eliza...and because my digi camera screen is spoilt, i'll take and not know how it will look like until i upload them. Most do end up blur and some come up to be quite surprising & cute :P

One of the mornings, she woke up and rolled out of bed to play with her toys. I was asking her to give me her pacifier cos she's not sleeping already, which she'll do cos it's our morning protocol.

Yesterday she we were changing bedsheets, which she thoroughly enjoys as she'll roll all over the bed, climb here and there, move the pillows and bolsters etc.

This was a surprising pic which i love...hugging the mattress..haha...

Suddenly the room was spacious cos the mattresses we pushed up so the floors can be she's just enjoying walking around and doing her arms up thingy. funny. haa..

Anything new and playable becomes her toy so that she can give us some peace time. well..she gets over ambitious most of the time..she wanted to carry two pomelos, one is already so heavy!

Ever since i was back from hospital, Eliza has been practicing a lot of walking. It's quite funny to see her waddle back and forth, pick things up and walk else where. Really fun to see her enjoy her new skill so much. It's a new phase now that she's walking more is to see her run & jump!

My little girl is growing up :)
It has been such a joy watching her and taking care of her. Doing things consistently really helps. ~She will guai guai lie down to let you change diapers for her, even if she's complainy about it she'll still lie down and complain but at least she'll stay still.
~ when it's time to wash her backside cos she pooped she'll lean on our lap and let you wash her clean. if she has done her poop and you've brought it to her attention, she'll pull her shirt to kinda tell you that she has to change..not her shirt but i guess to mean change-time!
~ She'll guai guai give me her pacifier after she wakes up cos i always tell her that if she's not sleeping, no pacifier.
~ She'll generally obey some commands, ie not to touch the ipod at my bedside, not to touch the power socket..even though she'll try.

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