Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Signing Time

I've been wanting to teach Eliza how to sign for quite a long time and most of what i knew were
~ Milk
~ Mummy
~ Daddy
~ Please
That's about it...even if i've read it somewhere, saw it somewhere, i don't remember how to sign the word anyway. Milk was the easiest cos it was a word we frequently least 3 occasions a day. Somehow i did catch her signing milk but it seemed more like out of the action rather than because she wanted milk. We couldn't be bothered with her signing mummy & daddy since she's able to say 'mama' and 'baba'.

After reading from Babylicious about Baby Signing Time (BST) and how it worked quite well with her boy, also because of the songs, i had wanted to get it but couldn't find it at all in SG. I managed to find the first two volumes of the DVDs and tried to let Eliza watch. It was just at a time when we occasionally (which has become frequently now...) show her the videos during meal times so that she'll finish all her porridge. The BST was the most successful of the DVDs she has watched cos it was all songs, with little kids like her doing the signs.

At the same time, I was watching the DVDs as well and learning from it. Really repetition helps loads. I don't remember all the signs at all from the two volumes. I'm still trying to recall how to sign 'bath' anyway. It's also because most of the time my back is facing the tv, and i'll occasionally turn to see the tv to communicate with her & sign to her what's been shown on tv.

Ever since early Jan, she has been signing, bit by bit. One of the first was 'baby' which we thought it was some fun action until i saw the DVD and realized one of the toddlers in the show signed it in that way. It's not the exact baby sign, but close to it. Recently, Eliza did do the exact 'baby' sign and we cheered her on with it.

Recently, for a few days i realized that she was signing a few words last week already. The last one was 'dog'. It was bedtime and she was flipping her 'Going to bed book' by Sandra Boynton. The back of the book shows more of Sandra Boynton books, one of which is the 'Counting dog' book that we also have. She patted her thigh after pointing to that book, which was the sign for 'dog'. I was so thrilled! It's really so exciting realizing that she has learnt stuff like that.

Other words signed are:
- Ball (not too exact though...and cos it's so similar to another word i usualy get confused)
- Eat
- More
- Shoes
- Diaper
- Hat
- Car
- Bus
- Airplane
- wash hands
(hmm...i must have written this list somewhere before)

Although her signing is really quite tempremental, as in she doesn't always do it on cue, it's quite exciting to see her learn these things. It was only this year January that she started watching the DVDs. Well...everyone at home is also learning all these signs as well..haha...and I'm trying to teach her 'drink' & 'water' recently. Somehow they know all these stuff but just don't want to do them. Really, never underestimate how much a toddler can know...they don't always like to be tested so...I guess we won't really know how much they know. Now i'm searching for the other volumes...

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Figur8 said...

Hi Grace. Thanks for the link!

I'm so glad you're enjoying Baby Signing Time and that Eliza is doing so well!

Recently, I was in the play gym and a mother was surprised that my son can say so much at 2. Another mother thought he was 3!

Even now that my son knows how to talk, he still loves to watch Signing Time. He also tries to sing the songs that he likes from the DVDs.

I had heard that someone sells the Signing Time DVDs in Singapore but I'm not sure where. I couldn't find them myself so I ended up buying them online.