Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today she slept really late...

Considering going to bed at 9pm and only eventually falling asleep at 1115pm is really late. Actually, i scolded her just before she went to bed and after that she was quite like a wreck and very sticky to my mil.
Usually she's more sensitive in the evenings and a little chiding will cause her to pout and eventually wail with hurt from being chided.
So she was crying on and off, refusing to let us close the bedroom door because she wants to go out, always pointing to the door. At first, i was so frustrated because she kept clinging on to my mil to carry her here or there that i left my mil to put her to bed, but after half-hour and no progress on her sleeping, i popped in to take a look only to find her playing on the bed. Anyway after on and off crying, Ww suggested to just let her out and let her play till she's had enough. After some play, she was ok telling everying goodnight but when we put her in her cot she refused to let us close the door and kept asking my mil to carry her. In the end, Ww & I managed to get her to fall asleep...after some rocking, cajoling, hugging, praying, singing, pat-patting...phews!

Am i being too strict? I do feel that i'm particular about some things, like having to finish at least half of her bedtime milk before bed (so that i don't get woken in the middle of the night to make milk cos she didn't want to finish her milk earlier), minimal playing when it's bedtime (not that it really happens..it's more like play until sleep overcomes her), pacifier in the bed and when sleeping only, if she's not going to sleep, no pacifier (which she'll guai guai throw it into her cot before she gets out of the room in the morning...then again..i wonder when i'll be able to wean her off it).

Then again, i also realize that she's not developmentally ready to understand some concepts, ie if we tell her that if she a good girl, she'll get to get goodies or go out, not that i'll have used these tactics much but i've heard my mil and even Ww say these 'condition' conversations. Nah for her...it's a if i want it now i want it now concept...and for me it's a decision of what she's allowed, else i'll have to use distraction tactic. It's also challenging now that she understand words and some of the things we say, yet is unable to express herself verbally, it's more challenging when she's really insistent and frustrated.

Sigh...off to work one day and i miss her liao.

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