Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back to work; Skin; Crocs

I'm finally going back to work. After 34days of absence from work (although of that 4 days spent in hospital and about 1 week being quite nua and 1 week trying to CNY & 1 week recuperating from the outings & 1 week being more normal).

The worst thing of this whole ordeal is that i can't carry Eliza the way i used to for all this while. Eventually it wasn't so much about losing baby no.2, nor was it that i was in a life-threatening situation. Those feelings lasted about 1 1/2 weeks then everything was back to normal...and it was working around not lifting Eliza which i was always so used to.
It was to Ww's advantage cos Eliza knows she can look for daddy to be carried. Mummy will only hold her hand or go down to her and hug her when she clings on to mummy. Not that i have not tried carrying her, but that i really felt the stretch when i did, if not, it is as if my energy is being sapped out from me. So no choice, i have to guai guai not carry her. boohoo. :(

The second worst thing of this ordeal is i'm not as energetic as i wish i can be. Still, i don't rest as much as i could after the second week. I can't help sleeping late, and sometimes i'm out so i miss my afternoon naps.

So back to work!

On Eczema & bites....
I had 3 days on my own, with some help from my FIL and Eliza's ezema came back in another wave on her leg & butt. Poor gal. And to make things worse she had some insect bites that she was allergic or sensitive to and it turned swollen and filled with pus! argggh! Thank God it was just gross to see but not itchy or painful for her.
(WARNING: the following contains images that are yucky..close your eyes if you don't dare to see)

The one on her finger was the most preserved wasn't so big and because we didn't dare put any ointment for fear of her rubbing her eyes or eating it, i think it didn't really get worse.

And then on her arm, i think it kinda got worse cos i put ointment on it. Only after we went to the doc to get some cream, that it did dry up and seem better.

This was the worst. Actually, there were 3 bubbles of pus and two of them broke. I was so afraid it will get scratched when i put her on the high chair.

REALLY, I've got no idea what bit her. Mosquitos? Bugs? Ants? Even the GP couldn't tell us, just said that sometimes kids are more sensitive to these bites.

And then it's this rough leg of hers. see la...scratch until like that. Moreover, daddy just cut her nails on sunday, and this was taken on wednesday. My mil call her chor3 bei2 kia4 (aka Rough Skin Baby). I hope she'll outgrow all that eczema but a dermotogist we went to said that hers is for life and she might not outgrow it...gosh like some life sentence.

Anyway, I do think that the wild weeds bath she had did help her loads and maybe it's time for the wild weed bath again. I can't remember the name of the weed but my fil started growing them on the pots outside our house...amazing how these remedies work.
On Play and Messing up
Being stuck at home with her means that we get to play a lot at home. It also means that she gets to mess up a lot and i have to pack up a lot. On some afternoons, i just couldn't be bothered with the mess and let it be. There're always these few hot spots
~ The book corner. [that shelf space under the used-to-be diaper change table has become her bookshelf. It's also a fantastic place for her to read, but to throw out all the books, flip some of her favourite ones and probaby run away with one.

~ The balcony. [because that box of cards is there and she just adores taking a whole stack and throwing them, and then trying to slot them between the slats of the timber floor]
~ The toy box in the living room.
~ Her playroom
~ The kitchen. [after she has ransacked her drawer & the coffee sachets drawer, or sometimes the baskets next to the washer, and recently the canned drinks from CNY]

On Crocs shoes...
Our orders from Crocs arrived on Valentine's. How thoughtful. But i was really unhappy that for such a light package of 1.4kg, we were charged for 8.5kg of shipping costs due to the volumetric size of the box that Crocs packaged it in. Most of the box was empty loh!

At least there were some all of us have crocs shoes...:P
Here's Eliza helping to arrange the shoes...(actually, she was de-arranging them)


So far she quite likes her new crocs. Let's hope she doesn't outgrow them too fast! For now it fits quite nicely.
It's useful for situations like doesn't get wet & soggy!

Lastly, Eliza posing.

[she was actually watching her baby signing times.
on a side note: when she feels like it she can sign
~ airplane
~ hat
~ milk (most of the time, even when she doesn't want it...she just likes signing it i think)
~ baby (same with milk)
~ shoes
~ car]

Daddy like the above photo...says she looks really pretty here
Mummy however prefers this...says she looks contemplative here. (looks different from the usual pics i've taken)

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k@Ye_ said...

Dun worry too much abt the eczema! Claire also got it...They will outgrow it...

Ya, it will stay for life but the good thing is the allergies will slowly be outgrown!