Monday, February 9, 2009

The sleep post and photos

Of Naptimes...
Somehow naptimes have been quite predictable now i know Eliza's style. If you see her still so active and busy pouncing from activity to activity, don't ever try to get her to could take 2 hours. Actually by 45mins if she's not rolling around in bed rubbing her eyes, i'll be giving up getting her to nap anymore.
She's also sloooowwwwllly transiting to a 1 nap a day. It really depends. If she slept late the day before (and most of the time she'll by default wake up at 730-8am), she'll usually need to have a 1030am nap, followed by a late afternoon nap. Or if she gave us a difficult time at night waking to cry or flip here and there such that she lost sleep (and us too!), she'll usually wake up about 9am. Then it's definately a one nap day.
Somehow, the late afternoon nap (3+ to 4+pm) is not the easiest to get her to sleep if she woke up too late from her morning nap (1+pm)...and yet getting her to miss that afternoon one is a recipe for disaster. Cos by 6pm she is DEFINATELY sleepy and as a result, cranky. So if she's on a 2 nap day, that later nap is essential cos she can't last till 8pm. Even a short nap of 15mins is better than nothing. Then again, she is 60% cranky & whiny after the afternoon's always like she hasn't slept enough, even if it's 1 1/2hrs long.

Of Bedtime...
Now bedtime has a milk before bed routine at around 9pm. And with this also means that most of the time she ends up sleeping around 10pm (add in the cajoling to bed, getting her to 'say' goodnight to everyone in the house, changing a fresh new diapers and jumping in the bed to play some more...) If i do sense her being sleepy early i'll try to get everything done earlier. On some days when we go out and reach home about 8+ or 9pm, she somehow has this renewed energy to play at home such that i'll push the bedtime later to give myself some sanity. (cos if she's not sleepy i don't want to tire myself out getting her to be sleepy)
Nowadays, though, it has been easier to get her to go to the room for bedtime. Some while ago, closing the bedroom door was like locking her up in prison as she'd scratch the door, poke her fingers under the door where there's a gap etc. I guess 365 days of doing the same thing every night pays off ya? She'd willingly jump into her cot. Also the lure of the pacifier is there...and it only stays in the cot.
Then again, there's new variations of play to play in the cot. For a period of time, it was the stuffed toys in there, patting them to sleep, giving them the pacifier, hugging them (on my cue...except for the pacifier one). These few days, Miffy has been the more popular stuffed toy and it was some other interesting stuff to pull or scratch or toggle.
Still the average getting her to sleep time is about 45mins...of which half the time i'm trying to get her to lie down (or 'tang tang') and half the time is her scratching herself like mad even though she's sleept..and most of the time she'll be so frustrated with the scratching she'll keep sitting up or standing up or least until sleep overcomes her. Sigh...i wonder why she's so itchy when she's falling asleep?

Days of Eliza...
Being home is fun especially when i watch her explore all kinds of things...and watch her being cute :P

My cousin bought this outfit for her but it was for's just nice for now...I love the hood part

Trying to join in with her cousins...

Most of the times you don't need complicated toys, this is good enough to entertain her & us :P

Some new dance move? This is hilarious! Anyway she was exhilarated with these baskets and containers..

Finally she got it nicely on her head

When you run out of toys to play...fruits are good options for toys too. She was trying to sit on the pomelo...before that she was carrying it up and letting it drop to the floor with a thud (sorry neighbours downstairs!)

She was giving Amos back his snack container but Amos didn't seem to be too interested it getting it from her...which she eventually just threw it to him.

Playing on the squeaky chair with Jieqi

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