Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I want to bring Eliza out!

Ok hmm...ayy...we just did last saturday, didn't we? Went to visit a friend who gave birth to her baby gal at TMC and then to Orch to walk around. Ww survived carrying Eliza in Beco and she's also more 'restrained' in the Beco on the bus.

Sunday was tiring. I wonder if it's cos of
1. the outing the day before (did i over-exert myself?)
2. entertaining the boys aka Ww's nephews who were at my place since morning. with one always whining and wanting me to do this and that, and another who's always hugging Eliza.
3. carrying Eliza up and down her bed. (i don't exactly carry but i try to lift her while i'm sitting down)
So by evening i was so bished out i had to ask my mil to do bedtime for Eliza. i barely wanted to move.

I thought i had better rest this more outings :(
So 3 of us have been home since monday...for 3 days so far. And our routine is quite the same...following Eliza's meal & naptime routines. Playing with her in between the meal/nap times, watching her do funny and amazing things like....
~ say 'banana' (gosh did i hear wrongly?)
~ do her 'meow' sound when she sees a cat picture. (it's not that accurate..but we know it cos it sounds more high-pitched)
~ pick up heavy things like...pomelo, the 1.5litre cold water, packet/can drinks, big boxes, the bus toy
~ babble her Eliza talk which we try to reply back but don't really understand what she's saying, yet it's so funny cos it sounds quite like a good conversation
~ amuse herself (and us) by putting the containers/baskets over her head and walking around blindly
~ use the comb to comb her hair
~ grouch when she just woke up from her afternoon nap (she's in her worst or sleepiest mood during that time)
~ hug all the animals she comes in contact with or 'head'/cha1tou2 them (soooooo sweeeeet!)
~ give her pacifier to Miffy the rabbit or Elmo during getting-to-nap time
~ walk very fast to the gate when she hears ah-gong or daddy come home (she really speeds!)
~ kiss you (this time with her mouth closed)
~ point to the rabbit in the library i's only the rabbit she's interested in though staying at home isn't too bad huh? Still it would be nice to go out, run around, let her see new stuff. I miss it. And i can't do it on my own for at least the next 3 months. boohoooo..

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