Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Falling of the bed

This is the 2nd time Eliza fell off our bed. :(
But this time she was sleeping while she fell off, 90% should be it. She was surrounded by pillows on her left and at her legs, and on her right was me. Ww wasn't at his place cos he has woken up to prep for school and was in the study room doing his QT. Ww said she probably sat up and crawled & rolled around the bed till she slipped off on his side of the bed.

I was super sound asleep and was woken up by a thud. By the time i had gone to her she had started wailing. I found her in a 'tortoise' position, so i'm hoping she didn't knock her head. My mil said that the 'old people saying' is such that when kids fall off the bed while sleeping it's ok...or something like that. It's more of the shock of being woken up in such a manner. She kinda just needed to be pacified and well..since it was already about 630am...that marks the start of another exciting day.

Let's hope this doesn't happen again...seems like the pillows doesn't work anymore uh?

Nowadays she'll dare to get off our bed even when we're fast more sitting on the bed to cry. One morning i woke up earlier than her, and while i was in the kitchen, she came out of the room looking for me...and signing to me her 'milk' sign. So fun...having her to communicate to us by pointing and signing even though all she can say so far is 'mama', 'baba', 'ah-ma' and lots of Eliza-gibberish.

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