Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sentosa - Sun, Sand and Sea

The highlight of this week was SENTOSA!

I had deliberated on whether to go Bird Park or Sentosa earlier in the week. But since Sentosa has the beach, it will be good for the boys and Eliza to go play. It's also cheaper. Per entry per person was $3 cos Ww's dad drove his school bus van and they charged us $10 for the vehicle. That's about all we spent on top of food. The attractions were much too expensive for a jean gang of 5 adults, 3 kids and 1 toddler to go. So the beach was really good enough. Moreover, Palawan Beach has Animal and Bird Encouters that adds on to some attractions.

This was what Eliza was doing while the show was going on. She watched the monkeys for a while and went on poking the balloon on the ground, stopping occasionally to applause when she hears it.

We were afraid it was going to rain cos the weather report showed 80% chance of precipitation. So i was praying for that 20% chance of non-preciptation. God brought super sunshine weather that day. It was almost cloudless and while my mil said it was such a hot day, i was glad for the perfect weather for a day out at the beach.

Eliza was kinda sleepy on our way there but couldn't sleep. She knows we're off to somewhere and how could she miss out the fun by falling asleep? So she made it happily through early lunch, the reptile show and the primate shows before we got ready to settle down at the beach. And obviously she was more interested with the pool! I should have brought her swim suit instead but still she had splashing good time, as you can see...

After cleaning up, she was ready to nod off to sleep and snoozed on while the boys played with sand at the beach....or more like away from the sea side

They were at it for a long long time....from the time Eliza was playing with water till the time she woke up...that's about 2hours!

After that we took a walk to the Southern most part of asia.

After snacks, we drove over to the Marina Barrage.

I love my new Fuji F200 camera. Didn't know how fantastic wide-angle lenses are until i saw what i took. The colours were really great too.

Family photo...(wide angle lenses makes self-taken photos easier...we can get everyone in the photo)

Love this photo of her.

And haiya...she saw the water, saw her cousins go in to play and she just had to jump right then i already didn't have any spare clothes, so we let her play like that...

Not the best solution...cos it was quite windy...but still she had a splashing good time..again.

I was glad to be out!

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