Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Working day evenings

After work times are short. This is what usually happens when i come home from work.

8pm ~ arrive home (if i leave work more on time, i get to reach home earlier)
~ Eliza greets me and points to my bag which she'll ransack...usually my wallet is the victim
~ play with her a while before i go bathe
~ Dinner (usually she'll want to join us and will point to her high chair so that she can share in our dinner. sometimes she'll clasp her hands together and tuck it under her chin to signal us to pray)
~ Eliza continues to walk around the house, picking up whatever interesting stuff she finds while wash the dishes or pack some stuff or whatever. the tv is always on during this time. and it's something i find it hard to get rid of. She'll stand in front of the tv and watch it for like 30secs and move on to something else. sigh...for all the reports that say that tv is bad for your child, i find it hard to impose a no tv on whole day policy at home with my in-laws around. after all, what else do they do but watch tv when there's nothing much to do. ok..i'll rattle about tv another time
830pm ~ Mummy's play time with Eliza - we'll play in her room, or i'll show her flashcards.
9pm ~ Milk & off to bed.
~ I'll get Eliza to say goodnight to everyone which nowadays she doesn't do the goodnight sign but she'll give flying kisses to everyone instead.
~ I'll also get her to pick a book. Most of the time it's the "Going to bed book" by Sandra Boynton. Guess what is the most interesting part of her book? This hole she made biting the book spine when she was much younger. She'll never fail to point it out to me when she flips to that page. Till now i have not succeded reading the book from the first to the last page. She just flips it all over the place! Oh she also loves to point to the porthole in the book. Funny...why she keeps pointing to it.
~ Then i'll get her to pass me the book to keep, which she'll show some interest in keeping but still holds on to it till i switch off the lights and she somehow unknowingly forgets about it and i hide it away from her.
~ Bedtime prayer
~ Then i'll have to get her to finish off the last bit of milk (usually she'll leave 40ml of milk after the first round)
~ Change diapers and put moisturiser on her feet. She'll point to her diapers or to her legs and do a rubbing action if we missed it out.
~ Then it's the half hour of rolling around the bed, scratching herself, hugging Miffy, using Miffy's ears to tickle her chin, sometimes she throws her pacifier away only to want it back very shortly after....until she somehow falls asleep....

Amazing how nowadays she knows what's next for the day, whether it's milk or mealtimes or nap times. Easing her into it is less of a battle and less of a need to cajole compared to last time. If we cue her into it, she'll go to the rightful places (try to climb into her cot, go to her high chair) and wait.
She knows that my FIL brings the newspapers back when he comes home in the evenings and she'll rush to take it from him to give to my MIL.
She recognizes my my in-laws, my SIL, her cousins, and of course mummy & daddy when she points them out in the family photo we have. She'll even point to the clothes that's hanging to dry and identify whose shirt it belongs to.
She knows some things should not be touched and will move away from it if we say no or if we give a disapproving tone/look. Just like the ipod at my bedside that she's always so interested in...then again, i feel like she's starting to test her limits.
Recently she has also begun to kiss us more often. I think it came with her doing the flying kisses more often too. The thing is that she'll definately kiss us on the lips. Most of the time when i kiss her, it's on her cheeks, so why does she always kiss us on our lips? Anyway she's so sweet, sometimes she'll just turn to me and surprise me with a kiss. Previously, she would kiss all the animals she see on books or the stuffed ones but getting her to kiss us was so difficult.

Finally, she's waving bye bye...i heard her say 'byebye' twice so far but it's rare. Still the waving seems to have ease our separation when i go off to work. I'll tell her i need to work today and will see her again at night, so say bye bye to mummy..and she'll be ok about it. So far it has worked this least.

So nowadays when people ask me how she is, i'll just say "Fun"! Cos she really is fun...and we all so enjoy her.

It was a busy weekend....first i brought her to Vivo, also to meet Y for lunch and i had planned for some places Eliza could go besides the shopping part.

We went to the Pet Safari store to look at dogs which she was mildly interested in. We saw rabbits and hamsters. And the stuff she was more interested in was the merchandise...geez

Then it was to the water play area. I had wanted to let her play at the playground but it was soo hot, the play equipments seems quite baked. The water was perfect, even though it means letting her into the hot afternoon sun.
It took a while for her to warm up to play, she was so intersted watching the girls play and yet so hesitant to go ahead and let loose. So after much encouragement, she finally did..and she sure had fun!

After that it was a trip to toy 'r' us, this was much larger than TM and still she choose the same toy she picked up at TM toy 'r' us!

This is her on saturday before CGL cell...doing the fan dance...

After that we went for my cell BBQ which i would have loved to stay longer and eat the delicious chicken satay. just that Eliza hadn't slept since 1pm (too many people in the house..and she was too curious to fall asleep), i had to leave the BBQ at 9pm. This is Eliza enjoying the ride with daddy.

On Sunday we took a trip to Parkway, also cos daddy wanted to see see look look a condo in the we checked it out and there were so many water features and pools in the area, i was trying to get Eliza to go explore.

So mummy & daddy, can i have a bathtub like that???

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