Saturday, April 11, 2009

Randoms again...

On itchy bedtimes....
I wonder why Eliza has to scratch herself so much (ie her elbow & arms, her lower back, behind her knee) when she's falling asleep during bedtime. I really am not sure if it's cos she's really itchy or her fingers are itchy. The problem is that it only happens at night. Daytime naps are quite free from scatching. I would believe it'll take her half the time it takes to sleep, if she doesn't need to scratch so much. I mentioned to the PD who gave some meds that's for allergy but it didn't really help so i stopped feeding her that.

On the pacifier...
Eliza is becoming quite attached to the pacifier, and even though we limit it to just bedtime, on days like today, she'll take the liberty to use it beyond the bedtime or naptime. I have always gotten her to puipui out her pacifier to her cot when she wakes up in the morning, which she has done quite well all the time. Today after waking up from her nap, she refused to remove her pacifier and wanted to go out. I insisted the pacifier goes. She insisted it stays in her mouth. In the end i managed to get it out of her, though not without much protest and crying. Sigh...when can i wean her off the pacifier?

On parenting....
I have been devouring parenting books ever since Eliza was born. And the library have been a really great resource of all these good books. the infant years was a lot on baby care and the handling all the basic needs of food, play and sleep. As Eliza's now approaching 1.5 years, a lot of books i read now has moved on to more developmental stuff... sometimes i wish i can remember all i read but alas, no. i've learnt a lot from reading these stuff, though i really wish there's a mummy group where we can share more & support each other on raising our kids to have the heart of Jesus. that's the part i'm really not sure about...and it'll surely be great to learn from more experience mums.

Anyway, if you have read Toddlerwise, there's this main principle:
~ Freedoms greater than self-control = developmental confusion
~ Freedoms less than self-control = developmental frustration
~ Freedoms equal tto self-contol = developmental harmony
A thought came to us last night while we were talking, that as much as my mil really takes fantastic care of Eliza, we're her parents, and we're the ones who thinks ahead ahead of how she's growing developmentally, spiritually & morally.

On TV.....
I'm the one who's quite particular about her tv watching amount (which is quite a lot with my in-laws cos they turn on the tv all the time), so i'll draw her away from the living room and so the tv to play in the room instead. But she's getting so-called better at watching tv nowadays...and especially the baby signing times dvd which we play during mealtimes. The problem is that she'll keep her food in her mouth and now i'll pause the show until she swallows it down.

On Signing....
Eliza's expanding her signing, although there are some gestures which she does that i'm not sure what it means.
New words signed
~ sun
~ twinkle star (which i've been singing to her since she was a baby...only thing is they sign star differently from what i show her)
~ cheese

On talking...
Even the talking has become more interesting. She has said
~ Apple
~ Elmo
~ gaigai
~ ball
~ bear (ok that's been quite a while already but she says it more nowadays)
~ bye bye
~ gong-gong (doesn't sound like it but she makes sounds using the back of the tongue to make it sound like 'gng gng'. my fil say he'll strike lottery when she says it correctly)
~ daddy

It's really quite fun watching her grow... watching her totter around the house being quite busy doing this and that, or playing with her on the bed rolling around and plopping onto the bed, or laughing at funny stuff that she or we do, listening to her talk. really fun!

Days of Eliza...
These are a rare series of photos taken by Ww..while i wasn't around.
How do you wear this?...

Eliza is very excited that ah-gong comes home with a new ball to play, kids just love playing with balls eh? I now have 4 balls of different sizes at home, there was 5 but the boys burst one of the big balls...i wonder how they did it.

Eliza being quite unhappy that the ball has been taken away, it had to be washed.

This was Eliza's fav photo frame for a while, there was a photo of my in-laws, SIL's family and us and she'll love to point (quite exactly) who is who.

Eliza serious at work, peeling out the stickers on the orange..

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