Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleeping and overtiredness

I started reading Gina Ford again, this time the Toddlers book. Everytime i read GF, i always feel like i need to be more consistent and more firm on some things. Bedtime is one. GF has this quite fixed routine which don't find that Eliza can fit into that schedule (wake at 7am, 1 nap, and sleep at 7pm). Yet after reading about some examples in the book and about the issue of sleep, i felt that it did make quite good sense.

Eliza's body clock is switching to a 2 nap to a 1 nap day. Essentially she needs 2hours of daytime sleep. Sometimes she sleeps more, which i rationalize that it's due to some late nights on some days. The problem with the switch is that she'll go down for a late morning 1+ to 2hr nap and last till bedtime which is 9pm++. It's usually out of my control during my work days cos my mil will try to let her stay awake till i come home, also worring that if she sleeps to early, she'll wake up very early and disturb me. I always wondered why it takes 1hr to get her to sleep (inclusive of the chasing to sleep and playing in the room etc etc). 1hr seemed too long till i heard of my friend who also took that long as well and i am kinda relieved that it's normal.

Still reading GF is making me wonder if her hyped up and easily sparked off mood is due to overtiredness. And if we put her down to sleep at 7+pm (after she woke up at 1pm from her last nap), would she sleep better and would she sleep through well? I have yet to dare to try it, esp wondering if i risk having to wake at 4am to play with her.
Today i somewhat manipulated her nap. She woke at 645am which was earlier than normal, so i thought she might be sleepy enough to fall asleep by 10am or on our way back from the market. Alas, it took quite some crying and her wanting things that aren't permissible before falling asleep at 1115am. Since i had to go meet a friend at 130pm, i woke her at 1215pm for lunch. I knew if i let her sleep, she'll will tahan till 9pm to sleep after that nap. And i knew if i woke her up she'll surely be tired enough to take an afternoon nap.
All went according to plan, though she slept much longer than i expected for her afternoon nap and so i put her to bed slightly later at 930pm. Interestingly, she dropped off to sleep by 10pm, without much attempts to get out of the bed to play or whatsoever.

So is overtiredness a reason why she's so difficult to coax to sleep at night?

Days of Eliza...
This was what we did last weekend....
Eliza always runs to us (ok..the refrigerator) when we open it. this time she asked for the cheese pack. I was a bit busy with some stuff, only to realize when i turned around ,that she had thrown away the cheese outer package, thrown it into the dustbin, and ran away trying to bite the stack of 4-5 cheese slices out. I had to eat the teeth-marked cheese slices for the next few days...

We have put the potty in the kitchen for quite a while already and Eliza has all kinds of ways to play with it. most of the time she loves to put the potty part on her head like that. you know, kids at this age doesn't fully comprehend what's clean or dirty...or at least she doesn't know what it really is for, for now.
Also...i wonder why most of these photos i have of her like that are at the balcony, near the main door. She thinks it's a cool hat?

Parents, please don't let your kids try this at home.

but Eliza loves to do it anyway. she has found it amusing she can slide back and forth like this

It doesn't stop her from sitting on the ball at other places. Ww says she has strong thigh muscles.

Eliza cooks the instruments...looks like she frying something

I do feel that Eliza's quite neutral towards her stuffed toys...she doesn't like one more than the other and it's quite a random thing when she chooses one over another.
I wonder why she occasionally tries to smell Miffy's ears.

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