Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy week

It has been a busy week with me working late on one of the days, or reaching home about 830-845pm, and going to work on friday half-day. I'm not complaining because there is really lots to do, and even so i'm not doing as much as some people. (considering most mums work 5-days). I try to bring work home but it's really hard to start getting much work done at home, even after Eliza goes to sleep. Home has always been a non-work environment so i'm still kinda trying to get some work done!! maybe tomorrow..heh...

Still i missed Eliza loads. As i only come home to quickly bathe and eat dinner before putting her to sleep, i don't really play much with her. I rather particular about bedtime and feel that as much as i can, i don't want to push her bedtime late especially if she missed her afternoon nap. On one of the nights she was so overtired that while crying & struggling to get out of the bedroom, she fell asleep in my arms in 10mins. I was quite amazed. It also convinced me that an overtired baby is a difficult to settle to sleep baby & that sleeping on time & early is really important. Anyway, it's not the most fun being the 'bad person' chasing her and 'forcing' her to bed.

Eliza's expanded on her talking to..
~ onion (really odd huh? it's one of the words in the powerpoint flashcard slides)
~ banana (which is says 'nana')
~ 马 (obviously, it sounds like 'mama' and 'ah-ma' but she'll see horse and say 马...not the right intonaton though...)
~ milk (actually i only heard that once....some middle of the night when she woke up to ask for milk)

On clothes....
Ww once comment that i don't really buy clothes for her and when i though of's quite true...i would think that I only 20% of the clothes she wears. She has been blessed with many people who showers her with really nice clothes. Her grandmothers love buying clothes for her, or at least her ah-ma always looking out for pajamas. Some are birthday gifts, some are from my dad, from friends in church, from Ww's 6/10 students and their parents (they're really sweet...), from my SIL who adores buying baby girl clothes.
Recently, i discovered how really pretty GAP kids clothes are. And i found that some are really cheap online, at least those on sale which they're trying to clear. So i got quite a bit for Eliza. Then there was 30% off all GAP stores in SG and i bought the cap i saw the other day but couldn't bear to buy. I was also searching for skirts with diaper covers which are really hard to find, but found it at the GAP SG store. i have lost count on how many pieces of clothing i got for Eliza online, especially when they recently offered 25% off sale items. I better stop buying now....

I also haven't been taking much photos lately, I'm not sure why...but here are some recent ones.

Daddy watching powerpoint flashcard presentation with Eliza. It was one of the things she now enjoy....ok or demand for...if we sit at the computer. It's also where she learnt to say 'onion' and '马'.

Eliza also 出 pattern all the time....that amuses us. Stuff like putting her legs under the mat...and also under the sofa when she wants to hide from us.

We went to eat at Humble House last sunday to celebrate my MIL's birthday and Eliza was taking her too-late afternoon nap. Wasn't the best time to sleep and wake up either...still we all enjoyed our dinner, including Eliza. It was superb!

This is classic. I don't think i'll ever catch her doing this much. She fell asleep after dinner while watching Baby Signing Times...well, it was at the end already and the song was quite soothing too, so that made it easier for her to sleep. This is what happens when she misses her afternoon nap, cannot tahan the evening liao.

The video here...

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