Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flu bugs and outings

I have been planning for Eliza to start on gym classes after she has completely recovered from her cough and this swine flu thing comes. While it reportedly haven't reached SG yet, except for some suspected cases, Ww doesn't want to take the risk and even instructed my in-laws not to bring Eliza downstairs for her morning walk. I'm not sure if she did go for her usual morning walk but they brought her to the library in the afternoon anyway.
Anyway, he also said it's better she don't attend the gym classes until this pandemic is over. I'm uncertain if it's ok that she attends this week. But i think i'll wait and see how the situation goes, and if everything's ok, we'll go ahead with next friday's class.

More words Eliza says:
- Star (sounds more like 'tar')
- kaka (aka dirty stuff like your nose dirt, or insects. she'll point to the insect book and say kaka)
- please (sounds more like the 'p' sound cos i was trying to teach her how to say the 'p' part of please and she found it so amusing she kept laughing)
- moon
- bird
- cat (actually it's been a word she has sounded out for a long time already...she makes a high-pitched 'meow' at the back of her throat instead of saying cat)

Other interesting stuff Eliza does:
- cheeks (she'll point to her cheeks and it was something i taught her twice...i think it's a fun thing to do)
- she knows how to pretend cry (we have this flashcard of the word 'cry' with the picture of a boy crying. plus she sees how cry is being signed on tv so it's quite interesting to see her experess it)

Last last friday we went to the travel fair at Suntec cos my mil wanted to see where she can go for the june hols...guess what..she's going Genting, again!
Anyway Eliza gamely waved hi to this big bird, and then waved bye to it. and when it was still around...she tried to hide from it. like here...

I don't know how i managed to get her to sleep under the covers. She will gamely put her feet in but take it out few seconds later. and i think she rolled until her face went under the pillow...

The library is one place we have been going since she was a tiny weeny baby. I think she has gotten so used to this place that now when she can walk, it's a fantastic playground for her. I'm recently found chasing her around and in between the shelves of books...she has quite short attention span for the books cos she's usually too excited being there to read it attentively enough. My mil told me that today when they were there, she took some books and went to the chairs and tables, and asked to be carried to the chair to sit down to read. My FIL say she 'dua bat li". haha...
Well, it's a wonderful progress to the love of books, like her mummy & daddy.

I can't remember where this is already. Love her sweet grin...which she'll give on cue nowadays.

Shopping at BabyGap
Depending on her mood, Eliza can be quite a sociable girl. She was so happy seeing the kids and the girl in the photo trying out sunglasses that she was making communicative sounds to them. Really cute seeing her trying to 'talk' to the kids.

Eliza trying to pick out some nice clothes with ah-ma? She was quite pleased with wearing the cap..and loved the shoes on display.

Night out at Ikea
We joined BK & Huey on their Ikea shopping and Eliza excited to climb onto the sofa....too bad it was too big for the space they wanted to put their new sofa at.

And you know how much she loves to carry heavy stuff...she attempted carrying the carpet...after seeing Huey carry one to the cart. Oh, Eliza was almost successful in lifting it up. Strong girl.

I would believe that she likes cats because she keeps seeing the real one all the time. She wanted to touch it but i didn't let her, and after that when the cat attempted to get near her, she'll run to me and ask to be carried.

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