Sunday, May 3, 2009

Super fun times and Sleep

I remember a few months ago, finding that at her turning of age, she has become loads of fun to play and be with. these few days has been no exception. Actually, we have been quite humored by her and her little crazy stuff she does. Then again, we found her to have quite a sense of humor...even on things she doesn't know what she's laughing about.

Memorable stuff:
Our study room fan no longer have any ability to oscillate....except maybe when it's in the mood. one day when Eliza pressed one of the buttons, it did and both Ww & I roared in laughter at her 'magic fingers'. She, hearing us laugh so heartily, joined in to laugh as well. It's not the tickled laugh's more like a copy us laugh laugh. Anyway, she's soo cute.

She'll also sign cry and look forlorn to my mil when she wants something but can't get it...and yet isn't too cranky about it. It's amazing what 1.5yr old do.

She has this thing about ticking....or pretend to almost touch Ww's armpit (cos Ww's very afraid of being tickled there) and she'll give him that cheeky look and pretend to almost touch it....which of course exacts quite a dramatic reaction from him. Ok, i admit...i kinda taught her that.

Or sometimes she'll like pretend to scare us with her toys, or cheekily poke my cheeks with her toy dolphin. Gosh i wonder where she got that from?

New words spoken:
- Ice (it just comes from the rap Ww's always rapping to her "Ice ice baby"...he does it and she'll go "ice ice". sounds quite like it)
- E (come from the the "Pat a cake" nursery rhyme....the part where i say "...mark it with an E (E for Eliza mah)" )
- Moon
- Amen (i'll say "in Jesus name we pray..." and she'll echo Amen)

New words signed:
- Tree (took me a review at BST to realize it...she does it without the other hand)
- Sky
- Balloon
- bubble
- Play
- Help me
- Thank you
- music
- cry
- feel
- happy
- laugh
- hot
- cold
She's really into signing please these days, especially when she wants something or wants help with something. She'll even say please to other kids who doesn't understand what she's signing about. Hope this is not just a phase....but it's really nice that she's learning so fast!

It's late and i'll blog about sleep another's something i'm trying out with Eliza for a better night's sleep....but it's late and I am the one who needs to go to sleep. nitez

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