Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Days of Eliza

The airport is a fantastic way to run out all the energy she has...only thing is that she'll walk our direction and suddenly turn back...sometimes even waving bye to you while walking the opposite direction. So you can imagine how long it takes for her to get from point A to B.
She's being kinda cheeky here.

Family photo!
Taken from my hp at T3 while watching airplanes.

She doesn't want me to take photo of her sleeping.'s really interesting, the way she sleeps. Sometimes she covers her ear if we're too loud or whatever.

Her daily dose of Baby Signing time.

We always tell her not to go so close the tv and the limit is between the table and the sofa...she's a little close....but she usually gets the point.

This is not new....arranging stuff.
She took out the chairs from the storeroom (which i had left open) and started arranging the chairs in one line. Interesting....

Running with Lion in tow. (she's pulling Lion's tail)

She'll usually take the cards and do the actions the card shows. If it's run, she'll demo running. Other favs are cry, stand, sit, laugh...those action ones. If it's the animal set, she'll make the appropriate animal sounds, her fav being the cat, of course.

Sticker fun!

Eliza has recently developed a liking for peeling stickers...and sticking it on herself

The scratch i made :(
She was playing on Kilppan (our red sofa) and as usual, she was facing backwards at the edge. I was trying to catch her when she lost her balance sitting so close the edge that my fingernail scratched her face. Super heartpain. I immediately went to cut my fingernails after that. Hope it doesn't leave a scar on her pretty face.

Hiding behind her aeroplane float....emphasizing the scratch i made. :S

Can you feel her utter excitement? We just went swimming in the morning with this...and it's fun playing this at home too.

Took her to SunPlaza park yesterday for a walkabout after going to library...yays another park to explore. She saw the cat and was naturally fascinated by it.

What a tiring day. It's time to sleep!

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