Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The mystery of the scratchy sleep

I can't seem to remember when this itchiness or scratchy habit seemed to have started. But it seems like it has been quite a while.

I've almost ruled out eczema cos i don't see any rashes or whatsoever. And the itchiness is always very serious during bedtime when she's about to fall asleep (which is why i always feel like she could sleep faster if she doesn't spend 15-30mins scratching till she's so tired she finally falls asleep); and somewhere 3 hours after she falls asleep. It lasts anytime from 1-3hrs for the latter. Not too fun when i'm trying to get some sleep or some 'me-time'.

The creams doesn't help. The medicine for allergies doesn't either. Maybe the 'flu' one, sometimes, but i can't let her take it forever. Helping her rub doesn't help too. I'm trying to figure out if it's the food she eats, ie eggs, chicken, fish etc. But it's a long-drawn process. I'm still too haphazard to get down to plan on that.

There are good nights are are bad ones. So sometimes i am confused. On good nights i forget about it all till the bad nights comes and i go trying to figure out why.

So far one of the better ways is to snuggle with her. So that when she's so frustrated with all the scratching she whines and finds me beside her and everything's fine for her, even though that can happen a lot of times. Only problem with sleeping with her is that her kicks are quite dangerous and i dunno where it can fly. So she's all over the bed and if her leg is on the wrong side (like at our faces), it hurts. Normally i'll turn out so that even if she kicks my back, it's not as painful as if she kicks my face/eye etc.

Sometimes i wonder if it's neurological...cos when she was younger she'll have this jerk in her sleep that wakes her up...even till she's 5-6mths. Sigh....i just hope one day she'll outgrow it.

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