Monday, May 11, 2009

Practice SAHM

I took leave till wed cos my mil has gone to her quarterly Genting trip. Tried to plan to meet any friends but P started work already & B was stay really too far away and after some planning i realized i couldn't really handle the distance alone. Mainly cos we need to take bus/cab and that's not easy to handle with a toddler and 2-3 meals in tow. If i'm out so long i usually bring along the stroller so that she can sleep in it..and that makes going up and down the bus with bag & toddler quite challenging. I've thought of it many times but don't think i can handle that, especially if she's gonna be difficult at that point of time, of which i really can't predict.

So i've been planning my recipe list to cook meals for almost everyday, well..i started on monday afternoon with Jap curry chicken rice. It's those instant sauce kind and i just need to add the chicen & veg. Easy! Just a lot of washing after that :S

So i'm doing the usual homely stuff instead of any shopping trips or lunches out. I'm finding it slightly more challenging with an active toddler who doesn't always want to sit on the stroller and when let loose is a free chicken wandering around on high speed. Which means that when i'm out with her, i can't really do a proper wandering around see see look look kind of shopping. I'll leave that for other times when i'm out without her. With her, i start planning for places she can enjoy...even at the mall. Toy R'us is great and that only problem is her taking one or two toys and leaving them few metres ahead wherever she's heading to. After picking up the toys after her, i decided i had to make her keep the toys instead of leaving a trail behind her. It took quite a bit of repetition (i felt so naggy!), and bringing her back to the 'crime scene', for the message to get through. At least she's quite cooperative..she helped arrange some back...the wrong way round though.

Monday was a holiday for Ww. So we went swimming! Finally Eliza was able to play with water since she fell sick in March. No photos though. We were too busy with loads of things to change in and out of. You can see the glimmer of excitement building up inside her the moment she set eyes on the water. This little girl doesn't give up...the cold doesn't bother her, water getting into her eyes bothers her a bit and she jumps back, raring to go. The water is 0.45m deep so it's just nice for her to walk in it. However, if she trips, into the water she goes. It happened once or twice and shocked her a bit. Still, it didn't deter her much. I tried to hold her slightly, in case she falls, but she keeps shoving my hand away. We tried the slide and she loved it. :) Will go again when we can!!

On eating....
I'm trying to let her try more foods beyond her usual porridge, and that's not quite a problem cos she has been quite happy to try all the stuff we eat. And if she doesn't like it, she'll shake her head and refuse to open her mouth. It doesn't really happen often since most of the food we eat really do taste good. haa...
Only challenge is to get her to her porridge on top of the extra bits and pieces from our meal if we eat together. My first task when we sit down in a restaurant is to feed her first...once the food comes, her porridge is history. So i'll add the meat/egg/etc on top of the porridge to encourage her to eat those with her porridge. Why i don't let her always eat the food we eat as a meal is because she eats so slow and i chop it up and prep it so slow!!! argh. I'm now always the last to finish if we eat in this way.

More photos in the next post. I finally uploaded the photos taken since may 2. Now with a larger memory card, i don't upload my photos so regularly. I love my Fuji Finepix F200 :) i only don't like the video taking's quite a low resolution one compared to my Lumix. But at least it doesn't take up so much space. I realize i don't upload much of her fine fine day!

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