Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stories of Eliza

We love retelling things Eliza has done and Ww sure gets loads of it when he comes home from work. I hear them from my MIL most of the time, of what funny or intelligent things she has been up to in the day.

Stories of Eliza:
Heard from my MIL - I recently bought yoghurt for Eliza's bfast and told my mil that she could use that as her bfast. So the next morning while my mil was preparing the cereal, she passed that little packet of yoghurt to Eliza. Obviously, she isn't going to just hold it in her hands. She was squishing it, and trying to get some reaction out of it. And sure she did...i think she pressed it too hard and the yoghurt came spurting out. She was a little taken aback and went to the kitchen to tell my mil. My mil came out to look and ask her what has she's a mess! And Eliza, feeling bad about the mess she made, covered her face in the sofa and cried! Poor little girl...she must have known it's not something she should have done!

Heard from my MIL - that Eliza pointed to the air-con to tell her to turn it on, and she also pointed to the fan, in a way of telling my mil to turn it on as well! and when the air-con/fan was turned on, she'll lean at the cot, with arms spread out wide and look as if she's enjoying the breeze from the air-con/fan.
Also, recently i've started to be more consistent with creaming her with the moisturizer, i'll put some of her palm and ask her to rub her arms with it. So at bedtime, she also asked my mil to do the same. Kids learn fast.

Bedtime & Naptime always starts with a book read. So one afternoon naptime she was signing to my mil for a book. and when my mil asked her which book she wanted, she said 'kaka', which is the insect book borrowed from the library. 'kaka' means something's dirty or it can also mean insects. My MIL was quite amused by her...especially with her book reading hobby.

New words spoken:
- Card
- Ant

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