Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vocal Eliza

This was when she has barely said any proper words other than her cute baby talk...

Now Eliza's definately more vocal than then, still there's lots of words she's not ready to vocalize yet. Sometimes it's hard to understand what she's trying to say. Like during bedtime she was pointing to the door but i thought she wanted to go out. After lots of misses, i finally figured out that she wanted me to turn on the air-con. She must have been so relieved that i finally understood what she's trying to say. Another 6 more months to a more vocal Eliza.

Meanwhile, her signing she has learnt in signing times has helped a lot, even expressing emotions like sad, cry, smile, laugh are useful. In the past few weeks she has started to sign water and that has also helped me to understand what she wants at night, it's not always milk!

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