Sunday, May 24, 2009

Outings and nighttime scratchies

Going out with Eliza is quite different now that she can walk and enjoy the exploration. Such that i've given up doing clothes shopping with i'm out with her. No way i'm bringing the stroller unless i have someone with me and if we anticipate her to fall asleep during out time out. She's not too keen on being in the stroller nowadays and would rather help me push it instead, not that she can see ahead when she pushes it.

But we do a lot of outdoor running about, going to the parks & playground, having snacks and meals together. I also find grocery shopping with her quite fun as she's very willing to sit on the trolley and hold the things i pick up to buy, at the same time, i can point out the vegetables, fruits and sea creatures to her. While she's generally quite excited about the dead fish, she is sometimes quite wary of the large live fishes swimming in the tank at Shengsiong. She doesn't quite like prawns and lobsters either. (on the other hand she doesn't mind insects which she calls 'kaka'). The other place i bring her on fridays is the library. She still can't really sit still and will run all about the library with me chasing her, even though she'll take a book, asked to be seated on the chair and promptly climb off in 5seconds. *faint*

On the mystery of the scratchy nights...
I had a difficult night last night with her keeping us awake from 115am till 330am. I drifted in and out of sleep. Tried patting her to sleep but the discomfort of leaning at the side of the cot for a long period of time made me give up the patting once i hear no movements from her, and i'll plop back to bed. few minutes later i'll hear some scratching, and probably realization that mummy is not there, and then she'll cry again. Imagine doing this at least 15times. Add PMS and a super sleepy me, i'm just so frustrated i left her to whimper back to sleep. It was disturbing enough for Ww to wake up and ask me to bring her to our bed...but the problem was she didn't want to and her frustration escalated. We ended up being very confused about what she wanted, with her being unable to express what she wants, (and me being super grumpy cos i am just too tired to open my eyes). She didn't want water, she didn't want me to put her down, she didn't want milk, she didn't want to stay in the room, she didn't want me to lie down, she didn't want her pacifier, she didn't want her bear, she didn't want to go in her cot.....After a long 2hour battle, she eventually decided she wanted milk, and fell asleep after that.
It was such a grumpy night for Eliza and me that she woke up grumpy. Why? Cos she was pushing me out of bed(!!), refusing to let me sleep.
Sigh...i wonder what to do with these night battles, and her scratchy self.

Anyway after the last night's commotion, i decided that i need to start to gradually remove myself from the putting her to bed part, and let her really be able to learn to fall asleep on her own. Pls pray i'll be consistent in this cos i'm really inconsistent. On sleepy nights when i can't open my eyes and my tiredness just overwhelms me, i'll choose the easy way out and i'll be impatient and surely grumpy, i'll do anything to get her to sleep.
During bedtime today, i told her that i'll not pat her to sleep, but i'll be right beside her, and that she needs to learn to sleep on her own, that she can hug her carebear or her bolster if she needs some comfort. And i had to reprimand her for scratching every time she starts on it because it was keeping her from falling asleep! So she tries to rub her palm, or rub her arms, or pat the bed. (interesting seeing her trying her best to not scratch!)
Let's pray i'll press on and Eliza will learn to be a better sleeper.

Cell dinner at Cheeze, celebrating Yimin's bday (will post photos on facebook soon!)

See that cheeky her

Chewing on the jelly pack...which she managed to bite through and all the juice came out.

Learning to keep her cards. Needs lots of reminders and guidance to keep her toys...but she's doing it. As in with a lot of guidance & help from me, but at least she'll do it.

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