Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Photos of the weekends

Every weekend is fun. This weekend we had Eliza's cousins come over and boy she was super duper elated. Toddlers really wear their emotions on their sleeve and they hide nothing. Whatever they feel, they express it all out. And it's really quite interesting to see Eliza getting so excited over things like the duck float, her cousins coming to our place, the playground, water fountains etc.

We do a lot of outings these days, even if it's just to take a walk at the park, to the playground or to the airport. It's kinda good that the airport is so near such that we can just take a 15min bus ride down, great place for her to run.

If you realized, i only take photos on the weekends cos we barely have time to play much on days when i work. I'll let the photos do the talking...

Our typical day activities
On Friday mornings i've some play routine i'm tryin to set up where we read, have some structured play and drawing. Most activites don't last too long anyway but still it's something to do together. At times i can do some reading while she busy herself.
Here's Eliza looking at her artwork. I got washable crayons for her to scribble but most of the time she wants me to draw stars.

Eliza with her one-line-smile...actually looking quite cheeky (that's why the t-shirt, if you can see). Check out where her hands are reaching for...

And there she goes...biting the crayons *slap head*.

There's a good reason why kids crayons have to be non-toxic.
Actually i also wonder when Eliza will understand not to put things in her mouth, and i thought the "eating everything" phase was over. Yet she loves to pinch up tiny remnants from the ground and put it in her mouth...we always have to be very fast with snatching it away from her. Told her so many times but sometimes she'll just give u that cheeky look and put it in her mouth or run away to hide in some corner to eat it. *faint*. Though, once she picked up a chili seed and it was so spicy she was frantically scratching her tongue. Experience doesn't seem to teach her...sigh...

The daily Baby Signing Times. She has already finished her dinner and i'll let her hang around to finish watching the rest of the video....and she'll end up in all weird nua positions to watch it, like this:

Can you find Eliza?

She is bending forward in the duck. Kids know the best ways to play.

Some mornings or afternoons we'll be in her playroom having free play. I usually don't let her empty ALL the toys in the 3 boxes and will only allow one box to be emptied. If she wants the other box of toys she'll have to keep the current one. So sometimes the mess gets quite minimal in the room with one or two sets of toys to play.
She has been getting better with this shape sorter (love these wooden toys), though i do feel that she's not 100% getting the gitz of it and it's mostly trial and error. At least she's not throwing the yellow cover away to put in the pieces.

The playmat extends the playarea and so she loves rolling around it, doing her tang2 tang2 and (not seen here) moving the pillows and bolsters from the bed to the playmat.

Me trying to take a photo of Eliza with me.

Last last sunday's outing to the airport & pasir ris park

We stopped by at the playground at our house..and Eliza's getting more acquainted with the playground...climbing up the stairs and down the slides.
She looks so sweet girly here :P

And down the slide!!!

We wanted to go tampines central but she was sleepy on our short bus ride there so we thought we take another bus ride to airport (cos it's not that near and not that far) so that she can take a nap. And she did. So what do you do with a 10kg sleeping toddler when you're outside and have no stroller for her to sleep in?

So we had a good afternoon coffee at coffee bean at T3 till she woke up :)

And went to Pasir Ris park.
Eliza's debut sand walk.

Trying to take photo of 3 of us together is quite a feat. this was the best photo of the few i tried to take.

This weekend with Eliza's cousins
Drawing and scribbling seems to be quite a fun activity. Eliza joins in to help keep the crayons or rearrange them or pass them to her cousins. Basically she was all around them while they draw away.

After dinner at my mum's place we came back to find my in-laws and the boys heading out to the airport. It was 8pm and i wasn't sure if i wanted her to go since it's so close to bedtime. Still, we went anyway.

This is the super duper elated Eliza at the airport. I can't remember if it's cos she saw the playground or the cars at the foodcourt side. But this is the look!

We went to the viewing mall to look at planes but i forgot that at night, the lights create reflections on the glass such that you can't see outside.
Me trying to take a photo with Eliza, again...now she's putting her finger in her nose. Always up to something...

This is what i meant by a large expanse of space to run. The boys ran, Eliza ran. They were trying to jump from one black tile to another and Eliza was just chasing them. She looks like she had a headstart but this was only the beginning....

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