Sunday, June 7, 2009

MYGym lessons

We have been going to MyGym lessons for 3 weeks already and I realized i haven't posted much because we can't take photos in there by then there's so much other activites on the weekends that i talk about all the other stuff.

ANYWAY....Eliza, according to my mil, has a pokey-bum aka she can't sit still. It's not any better during class time, even the teachers noticed it. She'll always have something to do, and never ever clingy to me. Of course it is great that she gets to run about, climb and play but she's not interested in circle time and the activites either. One of the teacher suggested that we make use of the freeplay to let her run it out in the week so that when she comes for lessons she won't be too hyped out. Problem was, i don't have time to bring her for freeplay in the weekdays (cos it's only wed & thus) and we usually have other stuff on weekends.

This week however, i brought her to the freeplay time that's about an hr before her actual class. Obviously she had quite good 1/2hr or climbing, jumping into the ball box, sliding, chasing the balls and making me follow her all around. When we came back for lessons, she happily sat through the welcome time and enjoyed it as well! Yays! :) Another good thing is that she did the practice activity and all the gym stations. Loved the one where she got to jump and be turned upside-down, she was super enjoying it.
She also started saying "ta-da" when prompted. sounds quite cute.

Stuff that i see her learning through this gym time
- getting better at climbing (i wonder if this is a good thing or not)
- learnt to climb up ladders (the ones there has a backing behind the bars that makes climbing easier but previously she wasn't even holding on)
- loves swinging at the bars (she'll try to do that when she sees it at the fitness station)
- forward roll (while she refused to do it during class, one fine day at home, we helped her roll and she couldn't stop....ok we had to stop her from overdoing it...and she couldn't walk straight after that)
- practice climbing up and down stairs (tho she does this a lot around home and outside)

Phews! That was gym time for me too...we were all quite exercised after that. Looking forward to it again. :)

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