Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yes Eliza's teething

Seems like a bad bout of teething..her "vampire teeth" are pushing their way out through the gums and we guess this explains the
- lack of appetite and selective of foods (she used to enjoy a lot of foods but these few days she'll reject quite )
- erratic eating / drinking milk (she'll ask for milk at the oddest before her morning nap today and after her morning nap yesterday)
- lesser milk intake (she used to easily finish at least 100ml of milk..these few days it's 20ml and she's telling us 'mai mai mai', or she'll be so hungry and she'll wake up at night for milk)
- diarrhoea (yeap we hear the watery sounds)

I discovered a new sign created by Eliza. It's "Cream". geee took me quite a while and her frustration to figure it out! Cos it was bedtime and i forgot to put cream for her and she was sliding her hands like the word 'nice' but it wasn't it. It is the action where she has cream in her hands and she rubs her palms together. I thought it was 'wash hands' but her hands were faced horizontal and not vertical like washing hands. Anyway what relief it was for both of us to get it figured out.

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