Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday grocery shopping

I love saturday grocery shopping with Eliza and my in-laws. We'll go to Shengsong and NTUC at Bedok and have early lunch if time permits. Else we'll be on our way home and hopefully Eliza will take a nap on the way.

Grocery shopping is a fantastic time to show Eliza the real stuff we've always seen in books and pictures. Shengsong has those huge fish tanks with live fish / prawns / crabs / frogs / clams etc seafood. And we'll always go check out the fishes. Eliza's not too keen on the black slithery catfishes or those eel looking ones, neither is she excited about the blackish crabs. She'll shake her head and say 'mai mai' and signal me to move away.

On the way out. She must walk up all the steps with our help

All dressed up in the right gear: hat & bag

Happy with her loot: sweets...not that i'll let her eat them

Getting a little too elated about it

This is Sat's time!

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