Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our june holiday week

Last week i took a week off to spend some time with Eliza & Ww, to go outings together. My in-laws went to Genting for 4 days and we happily enjoyed being home alone those 4 days. Not exactly home alone, actually we were out most of the time.

Still it's nice to have the house to ourselves. Make a leave the clothes unfolded in the living room and go out, leave things around until i bueh-tahan (ok i have a low treshold for toy messes though), pile up the wash till i can max out the washing machine, etc. I admit: i don't really like housework, in particular the vacuuming & mopping so Ww does that. I'm ok with the clothes part so i do those. And I cook while Ww washes the dishes and as usual, Eliza's bottles.

So a summary of what we did that week
Monday: Airport
Tuesday: Zoo
Wednesday: National Museum - MyGym freeplay - East Coast beach - MyGym class
Thursday: Dempsy Hill - Botanic gardens
Friday: Visit Beaty - Ww's Cell dinner
Saturday: My Cell lunch - MyGym class - BKHuey housewarming
Sunday: Church - Marina Barrage

It's like we jam packed lots of things. and then i have lots of photos (later)

There were some challenging times cos Eliza was teething (we suspect) and having diarrhoea.
Eating issues:
She wasn't eating much or drinking much milk. But she's a super snacker. So she survived on bread on one of the days. Every where i go it she'll be chanting 'bread bread bread'. Later in the week she was chanting 'cracker cracker cracker'. Hm....did i just say she was having eating issues? Anyway, she was being super picking on her food and refused to eat her porridge. It got better at the end of the week when her appetite returned and i added our food to her every spoon of porridge and she ate it up really really fast. No need to watch tv....she wants to eat!

Pooping issues:
She was pooing 3-4 times a day, so it was a lot of diaper change and pants change cos sometimes it gets so much it stains her pants/skirt.
The zoo trip had a mega poop outburst during her lunch. I wanted to change her after she finished her lunch but she was already propping her leg up and sitting uncomfortably. When i carried her up, the poop was all over the high chair and her pants and leg that i had to carry her horizontally in case my clothes got stained. She was super cooperative, as she usually is. She must have known this isn't the best thing to happen. Ww cleaned the high chair and he said that the cleaning person ran away when he saw what was on the high chair.

Sleeping issues:
She fell asleep quite well during bedtime, maybe becasue she only had one nap and by 8pm she was ready to go to bed. BUT she'll wake me up at least twice a night to ask for milk and not finish her milk! I realized that asking for milk was her way of making me go out of the room and bring her out as well. It was quite frustrating to wake up to make milk when she isn't hungry at all.
One night i thought i bring the milk in so i don't have to go out to the kitchen to make. She wailed even more when i told her the milk was in the room and she wanted to go out. It was a total breakdown for her...sigh. i wonder why she's so emo at night. Anyway, she eventually calmed down after a good walk outside the room and Ww's great idea of watching her fav babysigning time.

Of course the great thing about the time we spent together was that Ww got more time to spend with Eliza. And Eliza's kinda more pro-daddy these days. :)

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