Friday, June 26, 2009

Photos of holiday week

The zoo day:

Family photo

How can we miss Rainforest Adventure water play area. Eliza did her 'battle cry' and tottered very quickly to the pool once we got her changed. Ultimate delight!

Obviously we had to try the slides. Eliza wanted to go down fast and she wasn't too happy that i was stopping for a photo.

Getting water in eyes is part and parcel of water play...and she always looked like she was going to scratch out her eyeballs or something.

This is the 'safest' area to play. The water is at the right enough height, no water falling from above and wetting her face. So she hung around there for a long time

We couldn't stay in the water for long cos it was quite windy there and we took her out to change when we saw her shivering.
Still there's the playground to play!
Hair stand!

She loves swinging like what she does during MyGym class

Museum day.
Ww said that there's this kids area where we could bring her and that's actually all we did at the museum. let her play there.
Practice her climbing skills.

She's getting more steady with her balance nowadays..

Some other kids were having fun poking the colour pencils into the brushy weird installation and Eliza joins in the fun.

Found a less crowded place to continue playing...until the staff told us not to let her do it. geee...

Botanic garden day
We took a 1.5hr bus ride to Orchard..would have taken half the time but there was quite a bad accident on the highway. It was so boring Eliza fell asleep which was a good thing.
Since we arrived a little to late for a morning walk at botanic gardens we went to Dempsey hill to look for lunch....we walked all the way up. Yes we did. (and we walked all the way down as well) It was quite an exercise that day!

Ate @ Prime society. Eliza had bread and paper fish

Told ya she was into bread...

Ww's steak

I ate pork ribs i've ever tasted!!

while Eliza at her bread, some mashed potato, some beans she was quite 'on' about and the fries which she couldn't stop eating, such that we had to eat it quickly and tell her there's no more left.

Botanic gardens is SUPER hot at 2pm....the swan lake is the best place...
Eliza doing her peek-a-boo. it was the only way to get her to look at the camera

Seeing real swans is really fun. She kept pointing at them...and then at her favourite water

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