Saturday, June 27, 2009


I figure as she gets older, the more challenging part of parenting begins. It's the guidance and teaching that one needs to do. And a big part of my challenge is my struggle to stay patient at night and to be consistent.

There are some nights when i just have no mood to entertain a demanding toddler who wants me by her side at her cot (not even on my bed! i don't mind bringing her to my bed to sleep in the middle of thenight but she'll change her mind and want to go back to her bed...i think when she sleeps with us she doesn't have space to move about). Other requests that frustrate me are: milk at night when she's not really hungry but she just wants to go out of the room, wants me to carry her, wants water then milk then water then milk, cries for no reason. Then again, most of the time i guess her scratching wakes her up and frustrates her and she'll eventually take about 1/2hr to 1hr to go back to sleep. These few days, the scratching is bad. (there are good and bad days) That means i lose about 1/2hr to 1hr of sleep every night. :S
I wonder why she's such an angel in the day but such a little grouch and demanding lil toddler.
Last night was bad....which means we had a crying session at 1am till almost 3am. sigh...i was so zombied out today i snoozed late, snoozed while she played in her playroom, and took a good nap when she took her morning nap.

Being consistent.
This is a tough one cos sometimes i find that what i don't allow her to do, someone else allows her. And then it gets confusing for her. With 10001 things a toddler can't do, it's hard to list that 10001 things. So we try to state out the rules when we meet the situation. Few things are a sure no: no touching the power sockets, no playing with the air-con remote, no wearing of shoes in the house, no pacifer if she's not in her bed...etc. there are stuff that we do like saying grace before meals. somehow she'll almost auto do it when we eat together...but not when i feed her her meals. and there are many times i'll forget it. not too big a deal but these are the little things.

God help me here. I await the day she'll wear other shoes. For now it's only her red maryjane crocs which is already too small for her and she'll have blisters if she wears them. And the only shoe that she wears is her pediped shoe which is still ok but doesn't have much friction at the bottom. The new crocs were too big for her and it still is too doesn't help that she's now not interested in wearing them. bought 2 more shoes and she wouldn't wear it at all. How???
So i'll wait....and maybe try shoe shopping until she finds one she's willing to wear.

She's into saying a lot of gibberish these days and it's quite interesting. Just that we cant' understand her. It sounds like she's holding a conversation with us. really cute.
Recently she's saying words like
'Xie xie ni'
which is really nice...especially hearing her say 'please' after she's been signing it so often.

This is really taken quite some time ago....finally transferred the photos from my mil's hp to the comp.
Eliza trying to be like a little tigress

There was this initially period where she was really helpful with washing the clothes.... least until she started scratching the dirt stuck at the washing machine and putting in her mouth.

This little bag really fits her and she's always so excited to carry it out.

My in-laws were quite happy to bring Eliza out gai-gai during the school holidays while i'm at work. Eliza posing for a photo.

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