Monday, June 29, 2009

Marina Barrage water play

Last sunday we went to Marina Barrage to find Eliza's cousins and maybe go have dinner after that. Obviously, the main reason Eliza will bother about is the water play area. Once the water play area is in sight she was running towards it with her usual water battle cry.

I'm not fantastic at taking photos of her at the water cos usually Ww's the one taking the photos and this time he was stuck at the entrance watching the rock climbing competition that was going on. This is only one of the few photos i managed to take of her...facing me!!! a lot of it was of her back and her running away to somewhere else. she doesn't stay at one place for long anyway.

My SIL's helper really likes her and helped me watch/follow her around...especially when Eliza initially kept missing the step in the water and slipped at the metal cover that didn't have any friction sticker.

She wasn't too keen on doing what her cousins were doing....and watched them warily.

Here she is walking over to the fountain to try catch the water

Didn't manage to get this clearly but it was the highlight of the area.

A good thing was that Eliza was able to play quite long without feeling too cold as it wasn't too late nor too windy. She was a happy as can be water girl. :)

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