Monday, June 29, 2009

Books from the Book People

Recently, with some help from a AN's brother who came back from UK, i ordered some books from the BookPeople. Love the children's books they sell there cos it's quite cheap, especially the book sets. If i go UK one day i'll buy more back.
It's really great cos i saved loads on the shipping part (super thanks to AN's bro!!). I love the books cos the illustrations were really bright and fun. I've cut down the number of books to the budget of S$80, else Ww will give me the 'look'!.

This is the loot.

Most of them are a little to difficult for Eliza though....and she doesn't seem to be as interested in them as her usual books at home. Maybe it's the soft cover...i think she's so used to those board books and hardcover books.

This book which is only about $ her fav. Yeap...her fav part is spilling all the felt animals out. Of cos and mummy will try to arrange it nicely like this...

hmm...for now the books are more for mummy than for Eliza?? hoho...will wait till she's a little older to enjoy these books! :D

Meanwhile Eliza's having fun clowning around....wearing her helmet and taking the bus.

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