Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This week with daddy

It's a normal week of work for me. Only that daddy's at home with Eliza & my mil. That's because he was having fever on tues, went to see doc who gave home 2 days mc. He didn't get any better and he's on another 2 days mc. Eliza's also sick with fever, sore throat and cough and some runny nose which got better today; just like daddy.

So interesting...with daddy at home this week, now Eliza's stuck to daddy. She rather have daddy than ah-ma!

My mil says that Eliza's very obedient when she's home with her. Unlike when we're home, she'll be stuck to us, want us to carry her, play with her, be with her etc. Normally, even when my mil isn't home, and i'm busy with cooking, she'll tend to clamour for my attention after ransacking the kitchen. My mil says she doesn't do that to her. Gee...i wonder why. Maybe she misses us, considering she sees ah-ma like almost 7days a week and mummy's usually off to work for 4 full days.

One day when she's older and can talk more I'll ask her why.

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