Friday, July 3, 2009

Eliza is sick

It's not fun to be sick and certainly not fun to take care of a sick little girl. It all started on monday when we heard her coughing but other than that she was fine. Then tuesday daddy was sent home cos he had fever, he went to see a doc and was given two days mc. On wed, Eliza's fever started to come in and was still quite manageable with the fever meds and her other flu+cough meds from her last round of sickness in end apr. But by thurs her fever was going quite high like about 38.6-38.8. Ww & my mil wanted to bring her to the doc and usually the PD's really quite packed in the morning so i told them to go like at 2pm but cos she was quite seh~ they wanted to take her to the clinic downstairs. The doc gave her a pill in her butt and that brought her temperature down quite fast. Took half day leave cos i had 2 somewhat miserable sick people at home.

Anyway it has been an up and down fever roller coaster ride till today...i hear more phelgm collecting within Eliza when she coughs. I'm wondering whether to take her to the PD if she doesn't get better by sunday. Worried it might develop to something more serious...considering daddy has already been to the doc 3 times and on mc for a week!!

Plus she's not into drinking her milk or drinking water (and she needs to drink more water), and starting this evening she lost interest in eating anything much. managed to get her to eat half a slice cheese, 1/8th of her porridge and no milk (making her drink milk was like making her drink her meds)...wasted 150ml of milk :S. It could be a bad painful sore throat. if this goes on..she'll be losing weight from her 10kg to far she has already lost 400g!! so fast!

Praying she'll get better tomorrow.

Thursday's peak of fever
From Days of Eliza

So sian while she watches her BabySigning Time to cheer her up
From Days of Eliza

Finally dozes off drinking milk and after that water.
From Days of Eliza

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