Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sick week update

As of this afternoon, Eliza's fever has gone away (i hope!) and it's one less meds to eat! yays!
Still after saturday's 2nd doctor's visit, there's 2 more new meds to eat
~ 1 powdered packet to decrease phelgm
~ 2.4ml white meds to open airways and decrease cough
~ 2.4ml orange meds to reduce runny nose
~ 2.5ml antibiotics
no more fever medicine to eat! and that means hopefully no more forcing medicine down her throat at 1am.

We feel like in our own world since thursday when i came home from work, we didn't attend any gatherings/meetings/church/gym class at all. Not that it's the h1n1 thingy but with the little cranky girl and coughing and fever, it just not really ideal to go out. So we will be home, watching a lot of tv, playing a lot of games with Eliza or reading with her. Since friday we were not able to get Eliza to eat much nor drink her milk at the right time (her hidden milk time seems to be 4am & 11am nowadays..super weird..she wouldn't drink in the morning when she wakes, wouldn't drink in the afternoon or before she goes to most it's 20ml...sigh). She's gonna quickly lose the weight she gained since her diarrhoea bout.

Still, we did go out. It's torturous to coop a little active girl in the house so any 'gaigai' is a great release for her. We'll go downstairs to buy dinner, or take a walk at the park and go to the playground. So far we took a short trip to T3 for lunch, a Eliza-sleeping trip to ikea (cos she fell asleep on the van on the way there and only woke when we were going home), and a CS,TM,T1 trip today.
I forgot to bring her pacifier along and somehow she wasn't dead tired enough to fall asleep and ended up staying awake till bedtime. By then i guess after her tiny dinner, she got her second wind and it was sooo difficult to get her to bed. Nonetheless, we did, with much crying and struggling and eventually with me carrying her to sleep in my arms. Worst part was that when i sat down to rest my back, she'll cry and struggle so i have no choice but to hold her till she's deeper into her sleep. I suspect a restless night for her, considering the sleep deprivation usually leads to a bad night sleep. sigh....

A good thing from this week of illness is that Eliza & daddy is much closer. She was hugging daddy's arm on the way home in the van today, chanting 'daddy daddy daddy...' in a sing song manner so sweeet. :)

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