Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Recovering Eliza

A good gauge of how Eliza is getting better...her appetite. My Mil told me today that she's eating more and drinking more milk. So that's a good sign...and now her mucus is getting thicker and drying up. I still hear her phlegmy throat but it seems lesser now. Thank God :)

Here's what silly stuff we've been up to while we got stuck at home.

Looking at photos...interestingly, she loved the page with my mum's photo and she'll go 'popo popo popo' and keep wanting to go back to that page

Hanging between the table and sofa

Making us ride on her scooter or car and drive around the house....she loves getting daddy to sit on the car though, so she'll keep asking daddy to sit sit sit. She'll say 'go go go' or 'beep beep'

Trying to wear shoes on her own...actually the crocs and her other Pediped is the only one she will wear...this one she's trying out is still too big for her.

It's the baluobo song that daddy started singing, inspired by Eliza trying to pull out the magnetic door stopper.

Ok this is not silly but she was napping while we were watching a movie...and she'll occasionally wake up doze off, find some nice corner (like me) and doze off again

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