Thursday, July 16, 2009

Focus on the Family

I love reading the "Focus on the Family" section of the Today newspaper. While i barely manage to pick up the Today paper in the mornings on my way to work (cos they distrubute so early!!), i'll catch up with it at home online.

Few days ago i read about teaching kids how to use their money wisely. Couldn't find the online article already but essentially the writer encourages parents to teach their kids to set aside the money given in this manner:
10% - Giving
10% - Investment
10% - Savings
70% - Spending

It's still a long way before we start teaching Eliza about using money wisely...still it's a good reminder, even for my own management of my money. I'm just lacking on the investment part which Ww usually manages.

Actually i wanted to quote today's article on Today online by Dr Bill Maier...

Kids need parents as much as they need air and water.
Our acceptance and approval are critical to their sense of self-worth.
That’s why it’s important to look for opportunities to connect with our kids, and build into their future.

Use mornings as a time of encouragement. Experts say that the first five minutes you spend with your child are the most important, so don’t take that time lightly.

Give them a big hug and a hearty
smile, and let that set the tone for the entire day.
After school, ask them how their studies went.
Talk to them about whatever is on their mind, whether it’s sports or friends, or even girls.
And listen.

This is how you get to know what’s going on in their world.
Finally, put them to bed with a hug, and another word of encouragement."

i'm appreciating the joy of connecting with Eliza at whatever moment of the day...hugging her, giving her a few seconds of talking about the book that she has flipped open during my morning prep b4 work, asking her about her day (even though she doesn't reply me much)...
in the end they are the ones who matter more than our work, our hobbies or the money that we can earn.

Luv u Eliza :) You're my sunshine

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