Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun Eliza

When friends ask me how Eliza is (when she's not sick but in general), the first thing that comes to mind is: fun! So many silly and funny things that Eliza does everyday that we'll tell the stories to whoever comes home that evening. Usually it's my mil telling me/Ww what interesting stuff Eliza's up to that day, or me telling Ww/my mil what interesting funny stuff Eliza's up to that day. The stories go on and on and even Eliza joins in to agree in what she has done.

And almost every night Ww & I will rave about her. Even my in-laws who went to Malacca over the weekend would be talking about her at night before they sleep and missed her like crazy when they came home from their short trip.

Ww will always say that no matter how tired or busy or bad a day he had at work, when he sees her when he comes home, everything fades away and she just brightens up his day.

Fun have a kid isn't it? :D

Stuff Eliza has been up to:
My mum bought this 2-piece puzzle set (which is really very ex!!! there's only 6 pieces and it's $19+ before discount). Initially she didn't quite know how it works, and then for a few days all she did was fix the aeroplane. but very soon she learnt to piece it all...quite end of story huh? Not really, she takes it out at least once a day and pieces it all together, throw it in her car boot or bucket to bring it around the house. really, there's more ways to play it than just puzzling it.

There are days when she'll wake up from her nap, still sleepy. usually i'll be watching tv during her mid-day nap, so i'll bring her out to the sofa and if she's still sleepy she'll doze off at the sofa...actually i went to the kitchen to get something and my fil was trying to cut her fingernails but i think she kinda turned away to avoid having her nails cut.

Sometimes we'll tell her she can help us do this or that next time (esp when it comes to housework like folding the clothes, washing the dishes...etc). One day she'll learn the skill of choosing and peeling/sorting vegetables.

You know how all household items are toys? That time the cds was a fad for her. She'll open all the cds (much to our horror and much to her delight) and empty it of the cds. We eventually set aside her cd corner where she can destroy the cds and mess it out without us trying to stop her. Seems like spinning the cds is a new skill she learnt herself....

Eliza loves doing this....

It's really quite silly and she enjoys it, from hats to buckets to boxes.

Yeap...and peek-a-boo mummy!!

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